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Shawn Michaels, often known as the Heartbreak Kid, is one of the most iconic wrestlers in WWE history. He fought some of the industry’s biggest names, including The Undertaker, Stone Cold, and Bret the Hitman Hart, throughout his successful time in the ring. I myself am a fan of HBK and his group D-Generation X.

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He’s only contested a handful of matches since his retirement in 2010, but that hasn’t stopped him from appearing as a playable superstar in almost every incarnation of 2K Sport’s WWE 2K series. With that in mind, fans of the franchise shouldn’t be surprised to find that HBK is back in WWE 2K22.

Unlock HBK Shawn Michaels

To unlock Shawn Michaels, you must first defeat him in a special Showcase match, as well as complete all 13 of the optional objectives listed.

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These are all quite simple you can pause the game at any point to receive hints and tips on how to fulfill the active objective.

Objective How to Complete
Shawn might think he can outwrestle you, so perform a Light Grapple Attack in the ring to start things off right! While in the ring initiate a grapple
It’s earl, so HBK’s got plenty of fight. Wear him down with some damaging offense in the ring! Attack HBK while in the ring until the bar fills up.
Another Front Light Grapple to Shawn in the ring oughta slow him down! While in the ring, initiate another grapple
Take advantage of any opening! HBK will be rocked if you can land a Springboard Attack from the apron while he’s standing in the ring! While HBK is standing dazed in the ring, climb onto the apron. From there land a springboard attack.
You cannot let HBK breathe in there. Cover him and go for the pin! Knock HBK down and then go for a pin.
He’s trying to mount a comeback, but a Light Combo to HBK in the ring should stop that short! Perform any light combo while in the ring
This is no time to rest! Irish Whip Shawn into the ropes! While in the ring, initiate a grapple and then Irish whip hbk.
If you can send Shawn into the corner, you should throw a Front Running Corner Attack at him to take his wind! Irish whip HBK into one of the corners and then run towards. When close, use basic attack.
Perform 2 Grab Combos on Shawn in the ring, he won’t see them coming! Perform two grab combos while in the ring.
While you’re at it, Perform 2 Heavy Combos to Shawn Michaels in the ring, too! Perform two heavy combos while in the ring.
Turn up the pace and perform a Front Running Grapple to Shawn Michaels in the ring! Run towards HBK and then do a running grapple.
2 Heavy Running Attacks to Shawn in the ring might help stop his show! Run towards HBK and do basic attacks.
Now he’s winded, so Irish Whip Shawn Michaels to the ropes! You got this! While in the ring, initiate a grapple and then do an Irish whip yet again.
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Screengrab Courtesy of Charles2K via YouTube


Completing all of the objectives in this match is also one of the unlock requirements for the 12TH Showcase match, which grants you two new wrestlers, a couple of new outfits, and 3,500 virtual currency to spend on new Superstars, Arenas, and Championships.

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