Wytchwood: Serpent’s Questions – All Answers

The Serpent’s queries are part of a quest to capture the Fish and return the captain to his little daughter in the Docks. The elder Serpent is unhappy, but he won’t let the witch inside unless she answers three questions correctly. These questions may be solved by traveling to three different locations in the game and remembering the sculptures found there.

Serpent’s Questions

During the Docks part, players must answer three questions asked by an ancient serpent. This snake-like creature is suspicious of the witch, and only three accurate answers will persuade him of her worth.

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The Forest Well Statue

  • The first query concerns the stone creature that adorns the Forest’s well’s top.
  • The well is one of the greatest places to find a shiny stone needed to light the braziers early in Wytchwood.
  • If players look closely, they will notice a fish on the top.

The Graveyard’s Statue on the Portal

  • The witch uses the portal in the Wytchwood graveyard to travel quickly between the world maps and the in-between.
  • To the east of the Hanging Tree sits this doorway. A mermaid statue holding a conch can be found just above the portal itself.
  • If players want to reach there quickly, they can use a Hearthseed and then travel from there to the graveyard.

The Statue in the Village in Front of the Bank

  • The cheerful creature in front of the bank, beautifying the fountain, is the subject of the final question in this section of the puzzle video game Wytchwood.
  • Players can discover the bank, as well as the adorable little whale that guards it, in the Village map’s southernmost section.

Getting to the Bottom of the Serpent’s Questions

  • Players of the indie game Wytchwood now have all the knowledge they require to respond to the Serpent’s queries.
  • The Serpent will open its mouth and let the witch enter inside its stomach to examine what is wrong once she has answered all of them properly.
  • Bring plenty of resources into the beast’s stomach; players will need to make potions while inside to save the captain from being consumed.

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