Xbox Series X Shutting Off Randomly - How To Fix Guide

For many users, their Xbox Series X units are shutting off randomly. Some of them have reported the issue on discussion boards and many are still searching for a solution. The issue occurs most commonly while playing Black Ops Cold War. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

As soon as players boot up Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the console turns extremely hot. After a few, the console shuts itself down.

How To Fix Xbox Series X Shutting Off Randomly

The only known fix/solution, for now, is this. The problem occurs when you try to play the Xbox One version of the game on your Xbox Series X. This is because Activision isn’t a part of Xbox’s Smart Delivery program. To get the Xbox Series X version of the game, you’ll have to spend another $10 for an upgrade.

If you’re running an old-gen game on the XSX, get the upgrade and download the optimized version of the game. This should most probably fix the issue.

The problem also occurs when activating Dolby Atmos. So, try to turn it off and with the Xbox Series X version of the game installed, try to boot it up again.

If you come around with any other fixes, please drop them below in the comments. We’ll keep updating the article with future fixes as we discover them.

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  1. This is without a doubt what happened to me, i installed cold war out of my groups that was previously made on my xbox one and not knowingly it was the xbox one version i downloaded. So, once downloaded (before console shut off and i found this page) I load it up and nearly a minute after it shut off and i was left confused thinking i did something but the more i thought about it, i knew i didnt turn it off. So then i google what happened and here now i am. Going to download the optimized version now!


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