BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

The lineup for BABYMONSTER, YG Entertainment’s debut girl group, has finally been revealed. This is an upcoming South Korean girl group. Yang Hyun Suk, the group’s founder and head producer, recently announced a special Debut Member Announcement video that was made public.

The video unveiled the identities of the gifted girls who were selected to join the eagerly awaited group, and K-pop fans all around the world reacted with great excitement to the news. It is the first girl group in YG Entertainment since BLACKPINK in seven years. The ensemble, also known as BaeMon, comprises seven members: two Thais, Pharita, and Chiquita; three Koreans, Haram, Ahyeon, and Rora; and two Japanese, Ruka and Asa.

After information about its confirmed members was revealed in a YouTube video earlier this month, the septet released a pre-debut song titled Dream on May 14, 2023, ahead of its expected debut this year. The girl band’s debut is anticipated to occur this year around the autumn. However, a specific date has not yet been set.

All members of YG Entertainment’s BABYMONSTER

1) Pharita

Pharita of BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

In her introduction video on YouTube, Pharita Chaikong, 17, was picked over 1,226 other applicants to travel to South Korea for her audition with YG Entertainment. According to Hong Kong media, she attended an international school in Thailand and can speak English and Thai.

Pharita previously competed in the Inter Model Thailand competition as a child model and took first place. In the video, YG’s Yang said the attractive star had a look that seemed to have “straight out of a Disney film” in it. KProfiles also compliments her vocals for being able to reach high notes.

2) Chiquita

Chiquita of BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

Chiquita, also from Thailand, is BABYMONSTER’s youngest member at age 14. She goes by the name Riracha Phondechaphiphat. Chiquita joined YG in 2021 and received the least amount of training out of all the members.

According to Hong Kong media, Chiquita allegedly belonged to a cover group named RedRose. She also adores BLACKPINK Lisa.

3) Haram

Haram of BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

The 15-year-old Shin Haram is from Seoul, South Korea, and has worked in the entertainment business for some time. She started modeling when she was just two years old, featuring in toy and clothes advertisements, as revealed in her YouTube introduction video.

She began working with YG for her training in 2017. She shared in her video that BLACKPINK’s Rosé is her role model and spends nine to ten hours a day dancing.

4) Ahyeon

Ahyeon of BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

The first member chosen for BABYMONSTER was Jung Ahyeon. According to Kbizoom, YG’s general producer Yang Hyun-Suk referred to the 16-year-old as “the warrior with many weapons.” Ahyeon, a native of Gangwon-do, South Korea, is a vocalist, rapper, dancer, and visual member of the group.

According to K-popping, her love for dancing reportedly started when she was around five years old. Her father would film her performances. After passing the JYP Entertainment and Banana Culture auditions, she later entered the Ara Dance Academy and joined YG in 2018. She has fluency in English, Chinese, and Korean.

5) Rora

Rora of BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

Rora, whose real name is Lee Dain, is the second-youngest member of the group and hails from Gangwon-do. Her stage name, “Aurora,” was inspired by the natural phenomenon, as seen in her introduction video. Producer Yang also gave her this moniker because he thought “she could become an artist that shines bright like an aurora.” The 14-year-old stated, “I want people to feel pleased after listening to my songs.

Rora once belonged to the young girl group U.SSO. She also performed with Hyein of NewJeans, and both are believed to be close friends still. Rora is a talented pianist in addition to singing and dancing.

6) Ruka

Ruka of BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

The oldest “sister” of the group is Kawai Ruka, the second Japanese idol of YG, who is 20 years old. She declares in her introduction video that she loves dancing, saying, “I feel so joyful when dancing, and I feel even better after I dance. I’ll keep dancing until I pass away.”

According to Hallyu Idol, before joining BABYMONSTER, Ruka was the primary hip-hop dancer for the Japanese girl group Shibu3 Project. She has been practicing her pronunciation to rap fluently in Korean. She has been trained as a dancer for more than ten years. Hallyu Idol also writes she does Pilates and drinks milk in the morning.

7) Asa

Asa of BABYMONSTER (Image via YouTube / @BabyMonster)

The 17-year-old Enami Asa is the first Japanese female star to debut in YG Entertainment. Asa is thought to have joined YG Entertainment in late 2016 or early 2017 after being inspired by YG’s third-generation girl group BLACKPINK.

She also performed in musical theater before moving to South Korea for training. After first meeting Ruka at a Japanese audition, Asa claims in her debut video that the two became very close. The young Asa also enjoys cooking, skipping rope, and dancing. This rapper and dancer of BABYMONSTER is fluent in the Korean language.

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