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Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests (via YouTube)

Hogwarts Legacy has been out for a few days now, but Potterheads and some Muggles are still uncovering insane and mysterious items all through the map. However, there is something that almost every player is having a difficult time with – The Floating Candles. Although they are just part of a side quest, we are here to help you answer all your questions regarding this fantastic illuminating wizardry.


The location of the side quest “Ghost of our love” is actually in varying places, depending on which House you are under.

Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles 3
Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests (via YouTube)
  • For Ravenclaws, you can find it in the Owlery outside Hogwarts.
  • For Hufflepuffs, it can be found in Upper Hogsmeade.
  • For Slytherins, you can locate the map in the Squid Mural Cave, just under Hogwarts.
  • For Gryffindors, it’s just right in Hogsmeade Cemetery.
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Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles 6
Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests (via YouTube)

Once you have the quest, go near the Forbidden Forest. Track a small bridge and you will quickly see the guide for the love letter. That means you can begin your quest.

How to activate the Floating Candles

If you have already activated the quest, the only thing left for you to do is to summon the “Floating Candles“.

Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles 2
Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests (via YouTube)

For those who have tried this and failed, this quest is quite tricky. To do so, follow this simple guide:

  • Once you are in the post of a bridge, summon the candles by casting the illuminating spell “Lumos”.
  • Moreover, this will not be activated during the day. You must do this during nighttime, for it to work perfect. To rush the game for night, go to MAP and hit R3 repeatedly. This will change the time of the day immediately.
  • Casting Lumos would call out the Floating Candles. These candles would then lead you to the end of your quest for a fancy reward.
Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles 5
Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests (via YouTube)

Do I just religiously follow the candles or is there something wrong going to happen?

The answer is, YES. You actually don’t need to do anything. There are no rogue wizards or hidden monsters along the way.

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Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles 1
Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests (via YouTube)

Just follow the candles and they will lead you to a romantic table meant for a date. Once there, a magic chest will be revealed.

The Reward

By this time, you’ve probably done everything there is to do. You’ve found the floating candles and you’ve completed the quest. All there’s left to do is to collect your reward.

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Hogwarts Legacy Floating Candles 7
Screengrab Courtesy of WoW Quests (via YouTube)

As a token or reward for all your troubles, you will obtain a cosmetic item to go along with your magical style. Available to all wizards and witches, a treasure chest containing a “Treasure-seekers scarf” will be instantly in your inventory.

Treasure-seeker scarf in Hogwarts Legacy
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