Hogwarts Legacy casting avada kedavra on students
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Becoming a witch or wizard surely has its perks. You will get to cast spells that may help you complete your quests and ease the difficulty. Also, it’s very cool if you can create something from scratch and make things levitate! However, magic also has negative effects. For one, the Harry Potter books do not hide the power of curse spells such as Avada Kedavra. To those who do not know, this spell instantly kills the receiver. The latest Harry Potter video game adaptation, Hogwarts Legacy, also includes this spell in every wizard’s arsenal of spells. It’s easy to acquire and it’s pretty easy to use. But, what will happen to you if – by any chance – you try to use it against other students, or worse … to a professor?

A guide on how to get the Avada Kedavra spell

The most powerful dark spell in the Harry Potter universe is not hard to obtain. To unlock the spell, you must be able to complete the “In The Shadow of Relic” quest which will be available late in the storyline of the game.

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Is using Avada Kedavra inside Hogwarts allowed?

Although Avada Kedavra is under the list of unforgivable spells, the curse magic is allowed to be used wherever and to whomever in Hogwarts Legacy. You can cast it unto an enemy and even to a friendly unit (fellow students and professors). That is if you install mods in the PC version.

Some players have created various mods for the PC portal of Hogwarts Legacy. One of which allows you to become a Dark Wizard ala Voldemort. Without the mods, you cannot cast any of the curse spells on Hogwarts grounds as it is heavily prohibited.

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What happens after casting Avada Kedavra on students?

Obviously, you would kill the person after you cast Avada Kedavra. Hogwarts Legacy is sometimes a bit glitchy. As a result, although you might have killed someone, they may come back to life later on as they are still part of a quest.

Technically, the game does not allow players to hurt other students in Hogwarts. But, with the mods, it all becomes possible. The game’s developers, Avalanche Software, have made it clear they’re not going to include a morality system wherein a player gets punished for doing inappropriate actions. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and The Witcher have incorporated a morality system. With the said system, wouldn’t it be cool to see if a wizard/witch goes rogue inside the school and then a few Aurors would immediately come to pick you up and lock you in Azakaban?

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Source/s: MEELO (YouTube)
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