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Honkai: Star Rail is the newest sci-fi roleplaying game from HoYoverse set in space. Along the way, as you Trailblaze on the Astral Express, you will meet all kinds of characters, good and bad. You can get to know each character in Honkai: Star Rail, but the game doesn’t directly reveal specific details like their birthdays, ages, and height.

All character ages and height in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, gamers can choose between two receptacles: Stelle or Caelus. Even though they are the game’s main character, Star Rail features a gacha system through which you can obtain different playable characters. On the other hand, there are characters in the game that are unplayable but have a significant role in Honkai: Star Rail’s story.

The game’s Data Bank does not currently list a character’s birthday, unlike in Genshin Impact. Because of this, all information in this article regarding the ages and height of all Honkai: Star Rail characters is purely a “guesstimate”, so take this with a grain of salt! We will keep updating this article as HoYoverse adds new playable characters to the game in future updates.

Arlan Lightning 19-21 160 cm
Asta Fire 20-23 165 cm
Bailu Lightning 18-21 137 cm
Blade Wind 39-41 188 cm
Bronya Wind 21-24 168 cm
Clara Physical 10-12 143 cm
Cocolia Ice 42-45 170 cm
Dan Heng Wind 23-25 185 cm
Dan Heng – Imbibitor Lunae Imaginary 23-25 185 cm
Fu Xuan Quantum 19-22 160 cm
Gepard Ice 33-36 191 cm
Herta Ice ??? 145 cm
Himeko Fire 32-35 168 cm
 Hook Fire 10-12 132 cm
Jing Yuan Lightning 700+ 185 cm
Jingliu Ice 700+ 165 cm
Kafka Lightning 27-30 168 cm
Luka Physical 24-27 185 cm
Luocha Imaginary 25-27 185 cm
Lynx Quantum 13-16 156 cm
 March 7th  Ice 20-22  160 cm
 Natasha  Physical 36-39 165 cm
 Pela  Ice 21-23 160 cm
Qingque  Quantum 21-23 155 cm
 Sampo  Wind 25-27 188 cm
 Seele  Quantum 21-24 163 cm
 Serval  Lightning 41-43 168 cm
Silver Wolf Quantum 17-19 160 cm
 Sushang  Physical 15-18 160 cm
 Tingyun  Lightning 24-26 163 cm
 Trailblazer (Stelle/Caelus) Flexible 22-25 175 cm
Welt  Imaginary 80+ 191 cm
 Yanqing Ice 8-14 163 cm
Yukong Imaginary 33-36 184 cm


How old and tall is Arlan?

Age: 19-21 Height: 160 cm

Arlan oversees the Security Department of Herta Space Station. Despite being quiet and more reserved, Arlan has sworn to protect the researchers aboard the Space Station in Honkai: Star Rail.

How old and tall is Asta?

Age: 20-23 Height: 165 cm

Another character aboard the Herta Space Station is Asta. She serves as the lead astronomer and researcher on the Space Station. Aside from ensuring they progress in their research, Asta also makes it a point to oversee her fellow researchers and keep them in check.

How old and tall is Bailu?

Age: 18-21 Height: 137 cm

Bailu is the “Healer Lady” descending from the Vidyadhara race. In Honkai: Star Rail, Bailu is committed to treating her patients and ensuring they are healed from their illnesses. However, some are sceptical of her healing powers, as Bailu can give unconventional and unusual prescriptions to her patients.

How old and tall is Blade?

Age: 39-41 Height: 188 cm

Blade is a member of the Stellaron Hunters who has pledged his loyalty to Destiny’s Slave. His name comes from the fact that he has completely abandoned his body to become a powerful Blade. One of his many powerful abilities is that Blade can patch himself up quickly.

How old and tall is Bronya?

Age: 19-21 Height: 170 cm

The adopted daughter of the Supreme Guardian, Cocolia Rand, Bronya is originally from the Underworld. After being trained and mentored by the Supreme Guardian, she is now the commander of the Silvermane Guards. She is also the heir to the title of the Supreme Guardian in the frozen city of Belobog.

How old and tall is Clara?

Age: 10-12 Height: 143 cm

Another orphan in Honkai: Star Rail is a shy young girl named Clara. After being abandoned by her family, Clara is taken in by a mech named Svarog. All this little girl wants in life is for those in the Underworld to become one big happy family.

How old and tall is Cocolia?

Age: 42-45 Height: 170 cm

The Supreme Guardian of Belobog, Cocolia serves as the leader of the frozen city. Everyone looks to her for guidance and warmth as the Eternal Freeze has gravely affected Jarilo-VI. She is also the adoptive mother of Bronya, the commander of the Silvermane Guards.

How old and tall is Dan Heng?

Age: 23-25 Height: 185 cm

One of the first characters that will join your party in Honkai: Star Rail is Dan Heng, the broody and quiet train guard on the Astral Express. Despite having been part of the Astral Express for a while, not much is known about Dan Heng except that he’s joined the Crew to escape his past.

How old and tall is Fu Xuan?

Age: 19-22 Height: 160 cm

At a young age, Fu Xuan has many talents and capabilities as one of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Six Charioteers. She is known as the Master Diviner of the Divination Commission and has the gift of predicting the future. As one of the Six Charioteers, she is in charge of calculating the route of the Xianxhou Luofu.

How old and tall is Gepard?

Age: 33-36 Height: 191 cm

Gepard is the captain of the Silvermane Guards in Honkai: Star Rail. Committed to keeping the peace and ensuring the city of Belobog is protected from any threat, Gepard is always on his guard. He belongs to the noble Landau family and is the younger brother of Serval.

How old and tall is Herta?

Age: ??? Height: 145 cm

The master of the Herta Space Station, her actual form is unknown. Through her prowess that made her the 83rd member of the Genius Society, the Herta we see all over the Space Station are mere puppets of her younger self. Despite being a talented scientist, Herta does not want her emotions to get in the way of her work.

How old and tall is Himeko?

Age: 32-35 Height: 168 cm

As a child, Himeko has always had a love for science. She is the main reason the Astral Express can trailblaze to and from all kinds of planets. At a young age, she repaired the train, now the Astral Express, and serves as its navigator.

How old and tall is Hook?

Age: 10-12 Height: 132 cm

Hook is the daughter of Fersman, one of the citizens of Belobog. She has given herself the title of the boss of The Moles adventure squad. With her carefree and adventurous spirit, Hook is excited to go on whatever journey life takes her.

How old and tall is Jing Yuan?

Age: 38-40 Height: 185 cm

One of the Six Charioteers of the Xianzhou Luofu, Jing Yuan is already familiar with the ins and outs of combat as he has plenty of battlefield experience. He serves as the General of the Xianzhou Alliance’s Cloud Knights, ensuring that the Luofu’s future is in good hands.

How old and tall is Kafka?

Age: 27-30 Height: 168 cm

Kafka is one of the first characters we encounter in Honkai: Star Rail. She is a member of the Stellaron Hunters, and through her quick wit and charm, she easily avoids anyone trying to subdue her. Kafka’s vanity is for a good reason, as many revere her for her beauty, even in combat.

How old and tall is Luocha?

Age: 25-27 Height: 185 cm

Luocha is a mysterious young man who hails from somewhere beyond the seas. One of Luocha’s distinguishing features is the large coffin he carries around. According to Luocha, someone has just instructed him to return the body in the coffin to Luofu.

How old and tall is March 7th?

Age: 20-22 Height: 160 cm

March 7th is the lively and energetic member of the Astral Express. They saved her and took her out from the eternal ice she was trapped in. When she awoke, March 7th could not remember anything about herself, including her name. Now, she carries a camera everywhere the Astral Express goes, hoping she can take a photo of anything that will help her remember her past.

How old and tall is Natasha?

Age: 36-39 Height: 165 cm

Natasha is a doctor from the Underworld who makes do with the limited resources she has. Despite presenting herself as a woman who wants nothing more than to care for the children in the Underworld, there is a hidden side to Natasha that most would consider dangerous.

How old and tall is Pela?

Age: 21-23 Height: 160 cm

In Honkai: Star Rail, Pela is the Intelligence Officer in Belobog, admired by many of the Silvermane Guards. At a young age, Pela takes her duties as the Intelligence Officer seriously. Even in the face of a problem, she can remain calm and collected, finding ways to solve matters involving the Silvermane Guards.

How old and tall is Qingque?

Age: 24-26 Height: 155 cm

Qingque is a diviner for the Divination Commission. After following her parents’ wishes to be a part of the Divination Commission, Qingque thought that her job there would require her to relax and not do too much work. Unfortunately for her, the work environment at the Divination Commission wasn’t what she thought it would be. Despite having worked there for several years, she remains one of the lowest-levelled diviners in the Commission.

How old and tall is Sampo?

Age: 25-27 Height: 188 cm

As players first make their way into the snowy world of Jarilo-VI, they encounter a blue-haired man named Sampo hiding in the snow. Once he introduces himself to the member of the Astral Express, it’s revealed that he is a mercenary/treasure hoarder from the Underworld. Sampo is willing to do any job “as long as you’ve got the cash.”

How old and tall is Seele?

Age: 19-21 Height: 163 cm

Growing up in the Underworld of Belobog has hardened Seele and prepared her for whatever danger life may bring. Seele easily defeats her enemies in battles as she dances around the battlefield with her Quantum-charged attacks. However, underneath it all is a sensitive and delicate girl who wants nothing more than to protect those important to her.

How old and tall is Serval?

Age: 41-43 Height: 165 cm

Serval is the noble Landau family’s eldest daughter and Gepard’s sister. In Belobog, she runs a rock’n’roll performance workshop called Neverwinter Workshop as her hobby. Aside from this, Serval still finds ways to tinker and work on projects as a mechanic.

How old and tall is Silver Wolf?

Age: 17-19 Height: 160 cm

Another member of the Stellaron Hunters in Honkai: Star Rail is called Silver Wolf. Her role in the group is being a genius hacker who can mess with the data of reality through “aether editing”. She joins Kafka on the Herta Space Station as they feed the Stellaron into the receptacle.

How old and tall is Sushang?

Age: 15-18 Height: 160 cm

At a young age, Sushang was sent to train and become a member of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Cloud Knights. Her goal is to become a celebrated and brave fighter while wielding her family’s sword, which was gifted to her by her mother.

How old and tall is Tingyun?

Age: 24-26 Height: 163 cm

Tingyun works for the Sky-Faring Commission of the Xianzhou Luofu in Honkai: Star Rail. She serves as its Amicassaodr and travels with business delegates to create new connections and forge business relationships with other influential organizations from different worlds.

How old and tall is the Trailblazer?

Age: 22-25 Height: 175 cm

The main protagonist of Honkai: Star Rail is known as the Trailblazer. As Kafka and Silver Wolf wake them up and insert the Stellaron inside their receptacle, players can choose between Stelle or Caelus as their main character. The estimated age of the Trailblazer based on their appearance is 22-25, but canonically speaking, they aren’t even a year old in Honkai: Star Rail, as they only started existing when Kafka activated them. They are the only character in Star Rail capable of using different Elements and Paths.

How old and tall is Welt?

Age: 80+ Height: 191 cm

Welt is one of the oldest members of the Astral Express. He is the former sovereign of Anti-Entropy and has done jaw-dropping feats such as saving the Earth from annihilation. Welt doesn’t let his age slow him down, as behind his broody and mysterious persona is a heart passionate for adventure.

How old and tall is Yanqing?

Age: 8-14 Height: 163 cm

HoYoverse has confirmed Yanqing’s estimated age in their CN introduction for the character. Despite his character introduction revealing that he has not come of age yet, Yanqing is revered as a talented and gifted swordsman who serves as General Jing Yuan’s retainer. He is already a lieutenant of the Xianzhou Luofu, and none would dare question his capabilities, even if he is still young.

If we missed a character or you’d like to share your own guesstimates on the ages and height of all Honkai: Star Rail characters, feel free to share them with us in the comments below! You can also leave any questions you have about Honkai: Star Rail and we’ll get back to you soon. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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