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The world of eSports and professional gaming has undoubtedly been a hot topic in recent months, and we’re sure to see some innovative developments coming in 2020.

Professional gaming has started to overcome the stigma of being ‘just a hobby’ or not a ‘real sport’, and it is now soaring to new heights. The industry has been helped immensely by the fact that we are in a digital era.

Livestreaming and video platforms like YouTube and Twitch have increased the number of eyes watching gaming leagues, and platforms like Instagram and TikTok have increased the connection between fans and gamers.

Celebrities have has a massive impact on eSports as an industry, too. The amount of celebrities who have invested in eSports teams has increased dramatically over recent years, which has been fantastic to see.

Here at Sports Gossip, we’re passionate about sports and celebrities- so it seemed only natural to bring you this blog post. Today, we’re going to be going over celebrity eSports endorsements in more depth; what they are, how they work and which investments you should be aware of.

Why are more people beginning to invest in eSports?

First things first, why are so many new celebrities and big businesses starting to pay attention to the world of professional gaming tournaments?

One of the main reasons why eSports is ascending to new heights in regards to mainstream popularity is social media. As we mentioned earlier, gaming tournaments and livestreams have dominated social media platforms recently, which is highlighted nicely in this Walls.io article. Creative social media marketing has bought in a rabid, digital audience for eSports.

Another reason why more investments are coming in from celebrities is that attention from mainstream publications, like this BBC post for example, and other celebrities are making eSports much more mainstream.

Generally speaking, it’s mainstream celebrity endorsements and the ferocity of gaming fans that are escalating eSports tournaments and professionals to striking new heights.

How do celebrity eSports endorsements work?

In regards to the eSports world, celebrity endorsements involve a popular figure taking part in a livestream or gaming tournament.

One of the most important things to know about celebrity endorsements of eSports is that the celebrity needs to be genuinely interested in the game at hand. As anyone who’s been in the comments section of a Twitch livestream will know, gaming fans can be quick to criticize and tear mainstream media apart.

A good example of this is the collaboration between WWE and League of Legends professionals. This tournament was set up with wrestlers who genuinely enjoyed gaming (for example, Seth Rollins) and did not feel forced at all. Take a look at this IGN article to see how the tournament went.

Another important thing to note about celebrity endorsements is that they mustn’t be overly-planned or promoted in an abrasive, mainstream manner.

One of the best examples of this is Drake streaming Fortnite, with Ninja. This felt natural and well put together, and it seemed like Drake had a good time playing the game in front of the live audience. Celebrity endorsements are fantastic, but they need to be thought about carefully.

Where might eSports go in the future?

As we’ve noted, eSports is an industry that’s evolving quickly. This sector goes hand in hand with the gambling and video gaming worlds, so we’re sure to see some incredible innovations coming up in 2020.

Industry giants in the gambling world will certainly be having an impact on the future of eSports, through tournaments, funding and technological developments. MGM is one to keep an eye on this year- take a look at this review to find out why.

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