Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V. Courtesy of Rockstar Games.

It’s hard to find a person who has never heard about the Grand Theft Auto Series. Each new chapter of this franchise is so anticipated that crowds break store doors on every release date. Fortunately, today, it’s easier to pre-order a copy online! GTA V is the latest instalment in the series that managed to become the most grossing media product of all time, with over 110 million copies sold. 

If You Didn’t Know 

In short, GTA V is a criminal life simulator. Actually, it’s the best of a kind. This huge open world with numerous opportunities for exploration is stunning. Anywhere you go, and anything you do there feels incredibly rewarding due to excellent visuals and something else that’s impossible to describe with words. Perhaps, it’s the total permissiveness, or developers’ sparkling sense of humour, or both.

Financial Details & Marketing

The basic marketing laws say that it’s impossible to sell anything without a deliberate campaign. The Grand Theft Auto series has it’s own advertising rules. Every instalment, including GTA V, had very unusual advertising based on short trailers that unveil a small piece of detail about the upcoming chapter. In late 2011, Rockstar North launched the GTA V website and then fired up fans with the first trailer that showcased the brand new alive setting. The following 6 trailers continued to feed us with small chunks about characters and the environment, holding enough distance to drive everyone crazy for the next 20 months. 

Such an approach resulted in a whopping 11.21 million copies and $800 million on a premier day. It’s difficult to back the next argument with data, but if you ask any gamer, “will you buy the new GTA?” almost everyone will say yes even without seeing the ads. It’s an untold level of credibility. 

GTA Online Influence

GTA Online was launched a month after the initial release, providing players with even more freedom. The multiplayer Los Santos is full of free-roaming alive players, each of which struggles to gain as many frags as possible and become the wealthiest guy in the neighbourhood. Here you can team up with friends and random people to rob banks, go racketeering, racing on jumbo jets, or just hanging around in a luxurious apartment. The amount of content in GTA Online is so enormous that it’s close to impossible to ride every vehicle, find every secret gun, and try on every new costume. GTA Online has its own billionaires and superstars who gain the attention of thousands on Twitch, Discord, and Mixer.

What About GTA VI? 

It took Rockstar 2 years to make GTA San Andres, 4 to make GTA IV, and 5 to finish GTA V. Now that it’s almost 7 years since the last release and the new Play Station is launching on winter holidays, so we have nothing but to wait for a loud announcement. The only clue that says about the new chapter coming is the leak by Steven Ogg (aka Trevor), who told fans on Brazil Game Show to do the math and add 7-8 years to 2013. According to his logic, the new GTA will hit the next generation of consoles somewhere around 2021. will come with a full review as soon as it happens!



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