Tony Hawk 1-2 was released just a few days ago and the game is already pretty popular. Here is how to create a skater in Tony Hawk 1-2

  • Press the button next to your current skater’s name on the main screen. Please note- In PlayStation 4 version, it’s the triangle button.
  • Pick a new character or use the blank custom character slot to make your own.
  • Once a slot is chosen, you have to enter
    – Character’s name
    – Hometown
    – Skater Style Choice
    – Stance
    – Push Style
  • It’s important to know that once you set these choices, they become locked and cannot be changed.
  • Now comes the Skater Screen, where you will customize your character.

    Once you complete various challenges you’ll be able to unlock more options although the options provided at the start are pretty great too!

  • Begin to customize your skater with
    Board: helps you change the grip tape, design, and wheels of your ride.
    Gear: helps you change hat, sneakers, etc.
    Appearance: helps you change the character’s looks with hair, tattoos, etc.
  • Further, from the same Menu now you can also change the tricks you want your character to have and perform. For example: How they jump or how quickly they actually do these tricks.
  • Finally, as you go through the different levels of the game, you’ll be able to pick up stat points that will further improve your character.