Apple Vision Pro: 5 Reasons You Should Buy It

Apple plans for a market release of its new Vision Pro in early 2024. The promotions and early reviews by a selected group of people are stirring up the tech world and raising curiosity among the masses. Despite the price tag, we have listed 5 reasons why you should buy the Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro has just been announced, and it supposedly stands on the same podium as the iPhone and iPad. It is essentially an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Headset that can create and consume content. From the looks of it, Apple’s new product will directly compete with Meta’s Oculus.

1. It’s Apple

Let’s start with the obvious; it’s an Apple product. We think that’s reason enough to make a purchase. Apple has made products capable enough to change the world, and this might be one of those.

Setting the super aggressive pricing policy aside, there is no doubt Apple always upholds the quality it delivers through its products.

  • While Augmented Reality headsets have been around the market for a while, we can most certainly speculate that Apple Vision Pro would take the standards up a notch.
  • By perceiving the fresh features already revealed during the WWDC, consumers can expect an exquisite blend of form and function.

2. It is the hot new item that is taking the tech world by storm

The AR/VR headset looks pretty stylish and would undeniably provide bragging rights to the owners. It will be the ideal device for trendsetters and tech freaks when it releases.

  • Evidently, the product will target early adopters as its main customers. Upon finding success among that group, it can slowly trickle into the mainstream market.
  • If you like being updated on the latest tech devices and can pay the asking price of $3499 USD, you should most definitely consider getting the Apple Vision Pro when it comes out in 2024.

3. It offers immersion like never before

If you aren’t bothered by a bulky gadget covering the upper half of your face, you might be in for a new world of immersion.

It can seamlessly incorporate tech into your surroundings while still allowing you to stay connected to your device and your environment. This could improve the quality of online meetings by a mile.

Judging by the promos, it won’t matter if you are in your living room or on an airplane. You could have a full-sized theatre screen right before you, courtesy of the Vision Pro. Users claim their experience in this department to be highly impressive thanks to the micro-OLED displays the makers provide.

4. An all-around computing device with simple controls

The Apple Vision Pro is a powerful standalone computer that does not require pairing up with external devices. It boasts not one but two powerful processing chips dedicated to separate tasks. One of these chips enables the machine to run without a hiccup, while the other accepts external feedback from the user and acts accordingly.

  • Taking a closer look at the latter, the sensors present within the device track the user’s gestures and then carry out the necessary tasks. You basically navigate the interface with your eyes, select an option by pinching your fingers and make commands via your voice for certain responses. Yes! The controls are that simple.

  • YouTuber Marques Brownlee claims his experience with the controls to be almost like magic, meaning the Apple Vision Pro has a quick and smooth response time.

5. It is bursting with features

The Vision Pro reveal is accompanied by many state-of-the-art features.

  • To begin with, it offers absolute privacy owing to its Optic ID technology, which records the optical identity of an individual and grants access accordingly.
  • The gadget comes with comfortable external cushioning and eye care technology to minimize fatigue after wearing it for a lengthy period of time.
  • It also lets you see directly through the headset by a combination of mechanism and at times, create an illusion of the device being transparent.
  • There is huge potential for third-party developers to develop creative programs and apps that can utilize Apple Vision Pro’s hardware and functional capabilities.
  • It claims to take 3D videos and photos, but we are not yet convinced how good the output would be.
  • It provides exclusive attributes compatible with Apple’s other devices like the Mac.

These are some reasons why buying the Apple Vision Pro is a great idea. Let us know what you like or dislike about the device and if you plan to get it when it releases.

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