E3 2019: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne – E3 Demo Impressions

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Capcom is still reeling from the massive success of Monster Hunter World, which has now sold over twelve million copies across three platforms. It’s now Capcom’s flagship series, so expectations are running sky-high for Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion.

We were able to play a 20-minute demo of Iceborne, as four players dove into co-op play of the new Hoarfrost Reach map, a sprawling web of intersecting vertical paths, unstable glaciers, and fearsome beasts.

We took on the hardest difficulty tier available for the demo, the ferocious flying wyvern Tigrex, making their Monster Hunter World debut after a recent appearance in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.

As we tracked down the fearsome creature, tracking each footprint, we noticed another returning item: hot drinks! It’s absolutely essential to stay warm in the ferocious Hoarfrost Reach, and going without hot drinks is a good way to lose stamina and die.

When we finally reached Tigrex, he was unrelentingly difficult. He thrashed, smashed, and bashed his way through our group of long-sword users. Rearing back onto his hind legs, he charged forward with a move that took out half our health in a single swipe.

An especially dangerous attack was his deadly spin, thrashing his sharp tail and spiked wings to knock us off-balance and interrupt our attacks. As I launched into a deadly Spirit Combo, the entire edge of the icy cliff I was standing on shattered and I was sent careening into the field below. Expect plenty of dynamic changes to the map that are sure to keep players on their feet.

In the end, we came incredibly close to defeating Tigrex. He was staggered, his wings broken, his tail severed, and crippled, he stumbled back to his lair to rest. As he lay to sleep, we set bombs, preparing our final blow. Right as we went to land the killing strike… the timer stopped, and the demo ended. So close!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is releasing September 6, 2019, for PS4 and Xbox One, and is targeting Winter 2019 for the PC release.

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