Every ninja art Gabimaru uses against Rokurota in Hell’s Paradise Episode 6

Gabimaru vs Rokurota

Hell’s Paradise is a dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Yuji Kaku. The story follows a skilled ninja named Gabimaru, who is sentenced to death for his crimes, but is given a chance at redemption by being sent on a mission to find the elixir of life on a mysterious island filled with dangerous creatures and other death row inmates.

In Episode 6, Gabimaru and Rokurota engage in an intense battle, showcasing the ninja’s mastery of various ninja arts. This article will explore every ninja art Gabimaru uses against Rokurota, providing an in-depth analysis of each technique.

Ninja arts that Gabimaru uses against Rokurota in their battle in Hell’s Paradise: Stone Storm, Zephyr Weave, and more

1) Ninpo Stone Storm

Stone Storm
Stone Storm (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Ninpo Stone Storm (or Ninpō: Ikari Tsubute) is one of the ninja techniques used by Gabimaru and is mid-range. It involves using small, sharp stones as weapons, which he throws with incredible precision and force.

To use this technique, Gabimaru first gathers small stones and imbues them with his chi, infusing them with power and making them razor-sharp. He then throws them with incredible speed and accuracy, using his ninja skills to target specific areas of his enemies’ bodies.

Gabimaru later enhances his Stone Storm technique and employs it while in Ascetic Blade Mode. During this state, the stones become engulfed in flames and he hurls them with great velocity toward Rokurota, who expertly deflects them. As a result, the forest in the vicinity catches ablaze.

2) Ninpo Unformed Blade

Unformed Blade
Unformed Blade (Image via Studio MAPPA)

The Ninpō Unformed Blade, also known as Ninpō: Shinariba, is a powerful ninja technique used by Gabimaru. It is a mid-range technique that utilizes any object belonging to the user to fashion a blade capable of slicing through even the toughest of materials, such as solid metal and rock.

To use the Ninpō Unformed Blade, Gabimaru uses his belt to form a blade that is roughly the same size and shape as a traditional Japanese sword. This blade is incredibly sharp and durable and can cut through even the toughest materials with ease.

3) Ninpo Zephyr Weave

Zephyr Weave
Zephyr Weave: Ascetic Blaze Mode (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Ninpo Zephyr Weave, also known as Ninpō: Kaze Nui in Japanese, is a technique used by Gabimaru in the show. It is a form of ninjutsu that allows him to manipulate the wind and create powerful gusts that can be used both offensively and defensively.

When using Ninpo Zephyr Weave, he typically channels his chakra and focuses his breath to create a high-speed stream of wind.

The Ascetic Blaze Mode is a powered-up version of the Ninpō Zephyr Weave that Gabimaru uses when he needs to push himself to his limits. By channeling even more chakra into his body, he can create flames around himself that increase his speed and power. However, this technique comes at a great cost, as it places a tremendous strain on Gabimaru’s body and can cause him to suffer severe burns if used for too long.

4) Ninpo Grand Crag

Grand Crag
Grand Crag: Ascetic Blaze Mode (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Ninpo Grand Crag (or “Ninpō: Ōtsubute” in Japanese) is one of the signature techniques used by Gabimaru. It is a powerful ninjutsu technique that involves Gabimaru gathering a large amount of energy in his palm, which he then releases in a powerful blast that can destroy even solid rock formations.

In the Ascetic Blaze mode, Gabimaru can release an even more powerful blast of energy, which is hot enough to incinerate anything in its path.

5) Ninpo Quilt of Thorns

Quilt of Thorns
Quilt of Thorns: Ascetic Blaze Mode (Image via Studio MAPPA)

“Ninpō: Toge Busuma” (or “Ninja Art: Thorn Quilt”) is a short-range technique used by Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise. In this technique, he sets a tree on fire using Hibōshi, also called the Ascetic Blaze in the show, and then uses the burning tree as a weapon to attack his opponent.

Ascetic Blaze Mode of Gabimaru
Ascetic Blaze Mode of Gabimaru (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Gabimaru also thinks of using mid to long-range attacks that might have some effect on Rokurota. Gabimaru analyzed Rokurota’s strengths and understood that normal short-range techniques might not be affecting him. So he decided to go into Ascetic Blaze mode and launch mid-range attacks on Rokurota.

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