Fortnite is not new to features, things, weapons, and platforms that come only to go but then come back again. For example, it’s likely that Fortnite will return for iOS users somewhere later this year. But, what about Shockwave Hammer – the originator of the shockwave hammer glitch?

What is Fortnite Shockwave Hammer

It is a utility item. The mythical version of it is The Ageless Champion’s Shockwave Hammer.

Is Shockwave Hammer available still?

  • As of now, Epic Games has removed the shockwave hammer from Fortnite. One can no longer find it in the game. This took place on January 9th. At first, it was temporarily disabled in all playlists.

Why it was removed

The reason for the removal of the shockwave hammer is not that difficult to imagine – a glitch in the matrix. Well, not in the ‘matrix’ matrix, but like the in-game matrix. There’s this infinite jump glitch.

Fortnite Shockwave Hammer glitch

Fortnite Shockwave Hammer
image courtesy of youtuber GKI

To perform the infinite jump glitch, players had to touch the water with the shockwave hammer. Called the infinity hammer jump, one could keep themselves airborne without dying.

Where was it originally found in Fortnite?

Running away, killing other players, and becoming a glitching superman was the new reality in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. The shockwave tool was obtainable in chests or in the ground. It can also be found in capture points. Given its epic-quality, the hammer was rare to find.

The jumping action took place when one jumped into the water while equipped with it, striking and jumping at the same time.

After the bounce into the air, landing on, well, – land, should leave one to continuous bouncing jumps. You’ll have to keep spinning the hammer, of course.


Is shockwave hammer still available?
Image courtesy of

Players took to different social media handles to complain about the shockwave hammer glitch. Claiming that the glitch was spoiling everything. Epic Games being themselves, did not let this one go by their blindsight. The problem was every player keep spamming the glitch and jumping around like a bunch of air balloon maniacs.

Will the Shockwave Hammer ever return?

As of when it will return, Epic Games claims that the shockwave hammer should be back in the next Fortnite update. Meaning, it will return with the shockwave hammer glitch with its infinite jump fixed. The next update is expected to hit around January 17th.

Epic Games has said that the shockwave hammer will be back in the next Fortnite update. If you see yourself finding any more glitches, bugs, or possible need fixes, you can visit Fortnite’s trello board here. 

Or you can also alternatively shoot up your problems down below in the comment section of your very own Spieltimes.

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