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7th of September, Apple announced the successor to their former edition of the iPhone 13. Along with Watch Series8, Watch ultra, and also good ol’ next-gen upgrade to Airpods, we have amidst us the staggering Apple iPhone 14, 14 plus, and the pro line up: iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with A16 Bionic chipset. We already covered the iPhone feature and specs, along with the upgrades the pro series brings here. It’s time to shed our impression, how great is the distance in which iPhone 14 fair better than iPhone 13?

iPhone 14 Initial Impression: Probably Not Worth it

iPhone 14 and plus
iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 plus

The thing that rules the iPhone 13 is the fact it suckers on an A15 bionic chipset which is the market standard for elite smartphone chipsets. There weren’t many noticeable upgrades of the iPhone 13 from the iPhone 12, other than the massive burst from A14 to A15. 

  • But from iPhone 13 to 14, it’s a small road. There is a minimal difference, the same chipset, and the same camera. The upgrade from iPhone 12–>13 actually feels like a much fairer deal than 13->14 currently.

But Won’t Say the Same About The Pro Line up.

  • The Pro Lineup comes with a whooping A16 Bionic chipset coupled with some industry-grade increased transistors density, a stronger ISP (Image Signal Processing), and a 48mp pro camera system that has a photonic engine.
  • The photonic engine is again fancy for a higher image processing capacity of the chipset. but also

Perhaps the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max from iPhone 13

  • With the new iPhone 14 bustling, our first impression is that if you already own an iPhone 13, you can drop it. Besides, it costs $100 more for considerably negligible upgrades.

But the iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max jump might actually be recommended, given that you can afford it. The iPhone 14 Pro costs $999.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max Apple with A16 Bionic chipset
The iOs 16 lock screen
snapped from

It Isn’t Worth The Upgrade But You’re Probably Also Here for The Brand and Not Just Need

If people didn’t want iPhone, the structure of capitalism is such that it will glutton such a market. The world runs on demand and not efficiency. Although efficiency is part of what raises the demand. This impression isn’t towards tech geeks, rich elites who can buy a phone every next Tuesday. But more for the ones who cherish researching and thinking again and again before investing in something that costs a lot. For those who really want to know: is iPhone 14 better than iPhone 13, is it worth it?

Is iPhone 14 Better than iPhone 13?

iPhone 14 better than iPhone 13?
iPhone 13 Courtesy of Apple via their official youtube channel

To understand this debate better, one can take a look through the hardware angle. Although we are comparing two iPhone models, we can put their hardware into a competition to check what’s working better statistically. iPhone 14 and 14 Plus has an A15 Bionic chipset while iPhone 14 PRO and Pro Max have A16 Bionic.

The Hardware of iPhone 14

A16 Bionic chipset iphone 14 better than 13?
The A16 Chipset in Apple Launch Event (Through YT)

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus has an A15 Bionic chipset for their CPU. Which is the same as used in iPhone 13. The only seemingly useful upgrade for the iPhone 14 (and plus) seems to be the design, which is credits where it’s due, pretty elite. The screen is also an upgrade from traditional OLED with ProMotion to a Super Retina XDR with ProMotion. Apple claims the former to top the latter, but that’s a distinguished discussion altogether fit for another write-up.

The A15 Chipset of iPhone 13 and 14

The iPhone 14, SE, and iPhone 13 A15 Bionic chipset is no small deal though. There’s a reason why apple has gone with this chipset for so long.

  • The A15 chipset was reported to not have much transistor density. In simple words, this refers to how many transistors are there functioning in one unit of area of the chip. The more the merrier.
  • Now A15 had minimally more density than A14 chipsets, yet A15 showed over 21%+ faster processing than A14. One report read that contrary to Apple’s marketing that the A15 was 50% faster than the competition, it was 61% faster. There’s a reason why A15 has run for so long – through iPhone se and 13 and now the 14 and 14 plus.

Even with the latest Qualcomm developments, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 still had lower benchmarks than the A15.

Is The iPhone 14 PRO A16 Bionic Worth Upgrading from A15?

The simple answer seems a big no. The A16 is available only on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, leaving the $799 iPhone 14 out of the chipset upgrade.

  • Apple’s statistical score of A16 does not overshadow the A15 by a great margin. The A15 has the same amount of cores, four efficiency, and two high-performing cores. Same 5-core GPU and 16-core neural engine.
  • The only seeming improvement seems to be the transistor density, which has increased. This may not seem much, but for A15’s performance with such a minimal transistor increment from A14, the A15 to A16 transistor increase is quite noticeable.
iphone 14 A16 Bionic chipset
the A16 is 40% better than competition, says apple in their Apple Launch Event (via Youtube)

What About Battery?

  • Apple says that thanks to the new display technology, the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max are power efficient. The new display is paired with the A16 Bionic chip with a new Display Engine to run the always-on display, which will help control and manage power efficiency.
  • As per apple reports, the battery life of the 14 Pro Max can last up to 29 hours for watching the video which was 28 hours previously for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 25 hours for streaming video and 95 h as per Apple reports.

More on Hardware of iPhone 14 Pro

There is a new display technology in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. They utilize a larger physical battery along with an A16 bionic chipset that allows for something called an enhanced Neural Engine. Neural Engine is another word for higher-level computing optimization and allows for over 17 trillion processes a second. The always-on display has a special feature where it keeps its refresh rate 1hz when the need is on standby, saving power.

What’s ProMotion and has there been an upgrade?

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14
iPhone 13
Courtesy of Jt Jones Youtube Channel

The iPhone 13 had ProMotion. What is it? a very complex piece of hardware technology. (Yeah we know that Rhytham tells us more?). Welp, the ProMotion display allows for two consecutive features – one is shifting between higher refresh rates up to 120hz and the other is shifting between slower ones down to 24hz or 10hz. iPhone 14 pro takes it up a notch (or perhaps I should say down) and allows for a resting refresh rate down to 1hz. This allows for advanced optimization of the battery and despite having a screen that’s on all the time, the battery consumption is surprisingly less than what it should cost.

You Can Still Consider the iPhone 14 Pro as an Upgrade

Trade today runs off on what people want, and people want brands. It’s a mutual give and takes. But for those who can’t afford a new phone every year, it may seem wise to not go for the iPhone 14, if you already own a 13, that is. You can still consider iPhone 14 pro, which would feel like an upgrade. The iPhone 14 and 14 plus, on the other hand, would feel like adopting the lost twin of a cute dog you got for yourself last year.

But if you’ve had iPhone 12 or heck, iPhone 6 for god knows how old your granddaddy was, it’s probably time to buckle and upgrade.


Honestly, if you got an iPhone 13 last year, this year you can skip it. But we may fall into this hellhole of a repeated loop. It’s like, if you had iPhone 12, skip the 13. If you had an 11, skip the 12. It’s always like this. Yet that’s what we deal with when we talk about a company that has to line up a new model every year. It’s a trade tradition, a festival. Gone are the days when trade used to be for needs, that was the stone age. The rise of the corporate revolution is the oncoming onslaught of basic needs for the class elite.

The Apple iPhone 14 impression is that it’s not ‘not worth it’, but it isn’t worth it at the same time. It depends upon what you’re looking for really. But that’s my iPhone 14 impression for now. I’ll leave the rest to you, adios, and best of luck.

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