NBA: Ja Morant posts and then deletes cryptic IG stories | Possible meaning

Ja Morant 4 cryptic IG stories

Probably the most controversial and scandalous NBA player award this year would go to none other than Ja Morant. The young superstar point guard has gained massive attention but for all the wrong reasons. Morant is once again the highlight of NBA rumors with his deleted Instagram stories about his family members and a final note saying “bye”. Fans, analysts, and online investigators quickly realize what the possible meaning of Ja Morant’s cryptic IG posts is.

Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless believe Ja Morant’s deleted cryptic Instagram posts are a “cry for help”

UNDISPUTED hosts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless tackled Ja Morant’s cryptic message on his social media a few hours ago. The two famous NBA analysts addressed this sensitive situation following Morant’s ominous IG stories.

Unc Shannon as well as Skip believe that Ja Morant must seek help and the attention he desperately needs to get back on track. Nine times out of ten, Shannon and Skip always argued. But, this time around, the two icons agreed on one thing – Ja Morant needs help. Hopefully, Ja is in good hands, and that everything in his life is still okay.

Following his recent controversies, the NBA may have just given Ja Morant a huge suspension

Last May 14, Ja Morant is once again in the same bad situation he was in a few months back. The 23-year-old athlete is involved in another disturbing “gun video”, which showed him flashing a gun during an IG live stream for the second time. It was already known to everybody that the NBA won’t be tolerating it this time.

There are many rumors that Morant could be suspended for at least half a season. According to Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix, Ja Morant could be looking at a massive suspension. The NBA was lenient the first time by only handing him an eight-game suspension, but this time around, it could be bigger.

With his latest cryptic stories on Instagram, maybe Ja Morant has already been informed by Adam Silver or other NBA executives about his upcoming suspension. After his latest controversy, Mannix thinks Morant may be out for a significant chunk of the 2023-2024 season.

The NBA has made no decision yet, but Mannix and other analysts believe that Ja has a great chance of being sidelined for half a season or even more.

Morant is also on the verge of losing millions of dollars

First, his first signature shoe was removed by Nike on their website. That could mean Nike will be parting ways with him, just like what they did with Kyrie Irving last year. Not only that, but his endorsement of Powerade is also on the brink of extinction.

With a huge suspension, he will potentially lose millions in his payroll for next season. Sadly, his career is spiraling. However, Ja Morant can still bounce back, and at 23, he still has time to get back on his feet.

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