Lego: Spike Essentials is one of the latest additions to the Lego education program. The goal is to help teach students various math, social, and literacy concepts through Lego sets. It creates a more hands-on learning environment with relatable Minifigures for children. Teachers can use the Spike Essentials to tell stories and teach lessons that enhance their knowledge.

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The set itself isn’t a classroom Lego set alone. It also has the new Spike App, with lesson plans for teachers to adopt.

Institutions can use Lego to deliver STEAM practices. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

What are the Benefits of Using Lego: Spike Essentials? 

Imagine creating self-explanatory lessons for students or ones teachers can easily follow. They can understand how coding works by integrating Lego with the program. You can also create numerous simple machines and more complicated setups using Lego. You can use it to explain kinetic energy, momentum, and other scientific concepts. Here is some sample of lessons offered with the app based on the Lego website:

  • Great Adventures: Teaches students cause and effect and sequences. It also improves conversation skills through collaboration.
  • Amazing Amusement Park: Students test a prototype, observe, and define problems through Lego. It also encourages them to communicate.
  • Happy Travel: A computer science-focused unit that helps teach students how to improve programs.
  • Crazy Carnival Games: Teaches students concepts like collision, energy, and energy transfer.
  • Quirky Creations: It is an engineering-focused unit to test and refine student prototypes. They also hone their minds toward collaboration and problem-solving.

Beneficial for Students and Teachers 

One of the advantages of Spike Essentials is that it teaches essential skills that can help students in the 21st century. These concepts they can learn from middle school and help them beyond it. Lego promises that it’s adaptable and compatible with the rest of its learning system.

Teachers can also take time to learn Spike Essentials on their own to help them construct a fun learning experience. They’ll be able to manage their class and explore the best practices through the Essentials kit before they step into the classroom. Lego even says they have professional development programs mixed in with its Lego: Spike Essentials set.

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Buying the set now will provide 40 lessons for students integrated with the app. There are also 449 bricks included in the bundle.

Is It Worth It? 

The price for the Lego Education Spike Essentials set is $319.95 each. Each will work for two students, catering from grades 1 to 5. It is a hefty price, and not many schools may be able to shed a budget to bring these into their classrooms. Lego is bringing out one of its most unique ideas through Spike Essentials. Teaching students core concepts and skills they can use can prove to be a fun learning environment with Lego involved. We’ll have to see how it performs.

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