Most Bizarre Catfish Episode Ever, Denise David
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MTV recently aired one of the most jaw-dropping Catfish episodes yet. The sender, Motherwolff, contacted Nev and his team for help in meeting her online love interest of 20 years, David.

Their online relationship started innocently enough, but the pair had never met due to a string of excuses and technical difficulties. Nev and his special co-host Dylan Sprayberry went to work investigating David’s identity, but what they uncovered was far from typical.


Season 8, Episode 74

Picture this: a seemingly ordinary episode of Catfish kicks off with the story of Motherwolff and David, who met through an online chat group on AOL. The two bonded over two decades of conversations, slowly but surely developing romantic feelings for one another.

But like all good stories, there were a few complications. The duo had never met in person, David’s camera was broken so video chats were out of the question, and they had been forced to cancel their meet-ups time and time again for various reasons. It all seems so typical, but wait til you hear the twist.

Catfish Investigation Begins

With Nev and his co-host Dylan Sprayberry on the case, they set out to investigate in their signature style – scouring social media, tracing phone numbers, and conducting reverse image searches.

Their efforts paid off when they discovered that the photos of Motherwolff’s online love interest were actually linked to a Fubar page under the name “sexyrexy.” It was clear that the photos had been stolen.

But the biggest breakthrough came when they found a hit for a David Derringer, who lived at the very same address that Motherwolff had sent a package to. This lead seemed to be the most promising one yet.

Devastating News for Motherwolff

After investigating David’s identity, Nev and Dylan returned to Motherwolff’s home to break the news. Though heartbroken, Motherwolff still yearned to meet the man she had been talking to for two decades. So, the team decided to send David a message and invite him to finally put an end to their virtual relationship and meet in person.

But as soon as David received the message, he panicked and called Motherwolff to demand answers. Why did Catfish have to be involved? What was going on? With Nev chiming in, David soon hung up, leaving Motherwolff alone with her thoughts and dashed hopes.

It’s time to meet David

After exhausting all other leads, the Catfish team decided to take matters into their own hands and make a daring move. They embarked on a journey that involved a short flight and hours of driving, all to reach David’s possible location.

The tension was high as they arrived at the address and prepared to knock on the door. Would they finally uncover the truth behind the online facade, or would this be another dead end? The suspense was almost too much to bear.

As the door opened, the show took a sharp turn from “normal” to downright bizarre.

A person wearing an obvious wig stood before them, a far cry from the David depicted in the photos. Despite the oddity of the situation, Motherwolff remained composed as she waited for an explanation. Meanwhile, Nev and Dylan’s confusion was obvious.

As the conversation unfolds, David unveils a surprising twist to the story, revealing that “David,” is nothing more than a character. But who is this mysterious creator? None other than Denise. Suddenly, David’s voice changes, morphing into a higher pitch, as if Denise has momentarily taken control. David/Denise proceeded to confess that David’s affection for Motherwolff is real.

I have to confess, my coffee nearly took a spill as I watched this episode of Catfish. And let me tell you, I’ve seen some seriously weird stuff on this show, but this one absolutely takes the cake.

After a long and grueling day, the team finally called it quits and decided to regroup the next day.

Little did they know that their meeting was about to take another turn. As they walked in, they were greeted by a completely transformed David, who had donned a new wig and persona, “Denise”. Motherwolff immediately began to question Denise, trying to figure out who was really in charge.

Denise quickly shut down any romantic notions Motherwolff may have had, suggesting that it was time to retire the David character for good. This revelation hit Motherwolff hard, who had invested so much of herself into the idea of David, only to have it all come crashing down.

David, Denise, and more?

As the conversation progressed, Denise dropped a bombshell revelation – she wasn’t just one person, but a whole cast of characters living inside her! There were Deedee, Leo, Simon, Gavin, and a few others.

Nev, intrigued by this revelation, probed further, asking for the true identity of the person behind the masks. But Denise was visibly uneasy and reluctant to reveal their true self. As the day wore on, it seemed like the story was coming to an end. Motherwolff appeared to accept this as the final chapter in their tale.

2 months later..

Surprise, surprise! Motherwolff shocks us all by confessing that she and David have rekindled their communication right after the show. According to her, they are putting in the effort to mend their relationship and David is now more present than ever before.

Nev and Dylan then call David, who appeared on the screen sporting his iconic long blonde hair. He shared the news that he and Motherwolff had taken their relationship to the next level and were now a couple. David confided that he was ready to commit fully to Motherwolff and make their relationship a permanent fixture in his life.

I was taken aback by the unexpectedly cheerful outcome. The ending was so peculiar that I doubt I could have bounced back as well as Motherwolff did. Without a doubt, this particular Catfish episode has etched itself as one of the most unforgettable in the show’s decade-long run.

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