Top 5 Black mirror episodes ranked
Top 5 Black mirror episodes ranked (Image via Netflix)

The sci-fi anthology Black Mirror has to be among the best television programs of the 21st century. The show incorporates concepts and technological advancements from the actual world into clever and frequently horrifying settings.

The show explores the unintended consequences of technology on our way of life in Brooker’s trademark dark, humorous, and occasionally uplifting style.

Black Mirror also exploits the near future to make fun of the present, much like the best science fiction. The best Black Mirror episodes extend the effects of the leading technology of the day- smartphones, social media, virtual reality, and drones- to their logical conclusion.

From Hated in the Nation to White Christmas: 5 Best Black Mirror Episodes Ranked 

This article ranks the top 5 episodes from the first season to the fifth, so the readers can choose which ones to watch next if they have previously seen them all or want to catch up. Here is the final rating for the contest.

5. Hated in the Nation

Hated in the Nation has been ranked 5th best Black Mirror episode
Hated in the Nation has been ranked 5th best Black Mirror episode (Image via Netflix)

Season 3, Episode 6 (2016)

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

The episode Hated in the Nation plays things straight with a riveting take on the classic British crime drama, even though the plot involves rogue robotic bees, which become involved in a cruel murder plot and is straight out of science fiction. It is the most extended Black Mirror episode to date. However, it feels short because the story develops smoothly and ends with a satisfying revelation that gives the episode a depth that some others lack.

Hated in the Nation is a heavy hitter with themes including social media mobbing, environmental collapse, and nanotechnology. Its original take on online humiliation, the greatest dread of the internet era, transforms it into a Black Mirror episode that can confound fans, especially during the startling ending.

4. San Junipero

San Junipero has been ranked 4th best Black Mirror episode
San Junipero has been ranked 4th best Black Mirror episode (Image via Netflix)

Season 3, Episode 4 (2016)

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

When Netflix acquired Black Mirror, a lot of things changed. And San Junipero perfectly exemplified the show’s producers’ subtle shift in perspective. Closer to Silicon Valley, where so many of Black Mirror’s stories get their inspiration. However, what distinguishes this episode from others is that it forgoes the macabre humor that has been a staple of the program in favor of something more relatable. In other words, rather than making the viewers cringe in horror, it will make them cry with sadness.

Both the cinematography and the dialogue are first-rate. Black Mirror’s San Junipero stands out from other top episodes because it has a positive storyline and sympathetic characters. This one is the most emotional as well.

3. Black Museum

Black Museum has been ranked 3rd best Black Mirror episode
Black Museum has been ranked 3rd best Black Mirror episode (Image via Netflix)

Season 4, Episode 6 (2017)

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

The most polarizing Black Mirror episode to date is still this one. Featuring a complex plot, Black Museum is directed by Colm McCarthy. It also represents Brooker’s closest approach to Hammer House of Horror and The Twilight Zone, which served as models for the show’s anthology format. Moreover, while it’s funny to see a man who has been destroyed by technology forced to use a drill on a homeless person, one can’t help but sense that there is a much deeper meaning.

According to reports, the episode has Easter eggs and all previous Black Mirror installments are mentioned. The robot bee from Hated in the Nation, the tablet from Arkangel, and the bathtub from Crocodile, among other items, are on display in the museum.

2. Hang the DJ

Hang the DJ has been ranked 2nd best Black Mirror episode
Hang the DJ has been ranked 2nd best Black Mirror episode (Image via Netflix)

Season 4, Episode 4 (2017)

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

Hang the DJ is a beautiful episode. It thrusts the viewers into a carefully regulated society where people find partners using algorithms. To find the ideal match, they go on dates that have been selected for them, eat meals that have been selected for them, and stay in relationships for a predefined amount of time, which may be just a few hours or years. While San Junipero explores the morally challenging issues around death and consent, Hang the DJ is a less complicated but ultimately uplifting 50 minutes.

This episode of Black Mirror is a romantic comedy that explores online dating. It reminds the viewers of the science fiction movie The Lobster by Yorgos Lanthimos, which is likewise about people being paired with partners, sometimes against their choice. The show’s less-than-stunning premise works because Cole and Campbell give heartfelt performances.

1. White Christmas

White Christmas has been ranked 1st best Black Mirror episode
White Christmas has been ranked 1st best Black Mirror episode (Image via Netflix)

Season 2, Episode 4 (2014)

IMDb Rating: 9.1/10

Despite its popularity, one of Black Mirror’s best qualities is its ability to cast relatively less famous actors in prominent roles. The audience can recognize a lot of the faces. However, they probably will only remember a few of the names. The encounter led to the casting of Jon Hamm in the lead position for the Christmas special of the program.

White Christmas has horror aspects, as do the majority of Black Mirror episodes. This episode turns these fascinating advancements into sources of torture and fear. For instance, the “cookies”‘ digital duplicates can be made to go through several months in a matter of seconds, which is unquestionably a cruel form of torture. With Hamm’s character unable to contact either his ex-wife or daughter, the idea of “blocking” is effectively done and unsettling. The episode’s central theme is human connection and the key characters’ terrifying inability to find it.

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