Spy x Family White Film teaser released: what can it possibly be about?

Spy x Family White Film teaser released what can it possibly be about

Spy x Family has finally released a visual teaser for the upcoming Spy x Family White Film release. The release of the film is scheduled for December 22 in Japan. However, it has also released the official dates for the release of its second season, which has been scheduled for October 1, 2023. The new teaser visual has given us an idea of what the upcoming movie could be about, with the teaser trailer set to release on June 26, 2023.

Spy x Family White Film teaser – what does it contain?

The recently released teaser image of Spy x Family White film creating rounds on the internet and fans are going absolutely bonkers about the possible messages! The trailer is set to release on June 26, 2023, and it will further reveal and clear out a lot of fan theories.

Spy x Family White Film teaser released what can it possibly be about
The new teaser visual was released by Spy x Family for the upcoming film. (Image courtesy of @spyfamily_anime via Twitter)

For the time being, we need to look at the contents of the teaser visual. The teaser image shows Anya reaching for a treasure chest that is glowing with something inside, Yor wielding her spatula and whisk, Loid holding a travel guide and looking through a telescope and Bond has a dog pass attached to him.

Spy x Family White Film releases teaser visual – what is it about?

Spy x Family is all about a family with mistaken identities, a comic plot headed by Anya, and the engaging action of two highly trained killers-turned-guardians. The incoming of a film, therefore, engages the audience and fans in a discussion about the plot, which will not deviate much from the overall narrative but might introduce elements that will set a distinctive course for the further plan of action.

The new key visual suggests that the movie will focus on the adventure of the Forger family to the Frigis region, where Anya needs to learn to make a dish called the Melemele, a traditional pastry. This has to be done for Anya to participate in a cooking class which will grant her a Stella Star and will strongly contribute to Operation Strix.

However, during this mission, Anya opens a mysterious trunk and accidentally swallows a chocolate inside of it. But little do they know that this chocolate holds the fate of the world and this adventure is thus set in motion!

Spy x Family Season 2 updates and plot synopsis

The recent visuals which were released on May 28 revealed the possible storyline of Spy x Family Season 2. The season will primarily focus on Yor during her cruise adventure and it will parallelly develop the characters of Loid and Anya.

A look into Spy x Family White Film. (Image courtesy of IMDb)

The season will also look into Loid’s life and Anya’s present life at the academy. It will make a critical and crucial analysis of the nature of this disjunct family and will set a further course for the narrative to proceed. Moreover, since the Spy x Family White film is releasing after the second season, it is highly possible that the second season will drop possible hints for the movie.


The Spy x Family White film will strongly focus on the adventure to get Anya closer to earning a star and Loid fulfilling his mission. But this adventure will most likely feature a parallel course of action that will focus on a mission that is consequential in nature and will contribute to Loid’s cause. All in all, the new teaser visual has sparked a lot of discussions and these will only be subsided with the release of the trailer this upcoming week.

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