Succession: Season 4, Episode 8 Ending Explained

In “America Decides,” Episode 8 of Season 4 of HBO’s hit series “Succession,” Roman and Shiv are engaged in a high-stakes political chess game, each attempting to tip the scales in favor of their respective candidates.

With the counting of electoral votes complete and the presidential election over, the troubled Roy family is in the unenviable position of playing kingmaker. Tom, who is under intense pressure to report the election results in a way that stands out, is caught in the middle. The ultimate authority lies, as usual, with Kendall Roy, who is anything but predictable.

The Election Night Broadcast

Tom and Greg are shown getting ready to broadcast the election results at the beginning of the episode. An unexpected phone call from Kendall only makes Tom more nervous.

It will be challenging for him to provide comprehensive coverage of the election’s final days. Greg brags about his success in gaining Lucas Madsen’s favor after a night out with Madsen and his crew, but he’s still at a loss as to what to do next.

Succession Season 4, Episode 8 Kendall Call
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Reports from exit polls indicate that Democratic presidential candidate Daniel Jimenez is ahead in the vote count, which the news media is currently analyzing. Meanwhile, Shiv and Roman argue passionately over whether or not they should support Jimenez or his rival, Jeryd Mencken.

The Power Play

Shiv tells Madsen privately that Jimenez is in the lead, which could work to their advantage because he is unlikely to stand in the way of GoJo’s acquisition of Waystar Royco.

Shiv maintains her political maneuvering, informing Nate Sofrelli of her support for Jimenez. Additionally, Kendall tries unsuccessfully to persuade Jimenez to help him stop Madsen’s hostile takeover.

Succession Season 4, Episode 8 Shiv calls Jimenez
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Kendall’s best bet is a win for Mencken, which will prevent the agreement from going into effect. During their meeting, Mencken tells Roman he hopes to do business with him regardless of the election’s outcome. This motivates Shiv and Roman to step up their efforts, using their resources to guarantee that their nominee will receive extensive press coverage.

The Election Fallout

As the events of election night progress, Tom starts to crack under pressure and takes it out on Greg. Desperate, he manipulates Greg into sharing some cocaine with him. Connor Roy convinced that he must win the election at all costs, sides with Roman and accepts the ambassadorship Mencken offered him.

Succession Season 4, Episode 8 Roy Concedes
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When ballots for the Wisconsin elections go missing in the aftermath of a fire, the technical difficulties overwhelm Tom and cause chaos in the newsroom. Shiv tells Tom she’s pregnant amid the mess, but he brushes it off as another excuse for her bad behavior. Shiv and Roman’s ongoing argument over the Wisconsin situation must be helped by Roman’s personal revelation.

The Final Decision

Eventually, Roman declares Mencken the winner in Wisconsin on his own, giving him a slim margin of victory. Greg warns Shiv that if she tells her brothers about his affairs, he will expose her relationship with Madsen. Roman tries to convince Kendall to declare Mencken the winner of the election before he loses support from the other candidates.

Succession Season 4, Episode 8 Roman
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  • ATN’s high-octane coverage of the tense election battle comes under fire as the episode progresses, especially after the network incorrectly calls Wisconsin for Mencken.
  • Kendall is under duress to make a choice but is uneasy about supporting Mencken because of the fascist ideology he espouses. But no guarantee stopping Waystar’s sale to GoJo will happen just because you back Jimenez.

Shiv tries to persuade Kendall to back Jimenez to sway her brother’s vote. She cleverly pretends to have a phone conversation with Jimenez, assuring Kendall that Jimenez will oppose the deal. Kendall asks Nate to verify her story, and Greg spills the beans about Shiv working with Madsen.

Succession Season 4, Episode 8 Greg Talks to Kendall
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After much deliberation, Kendall decides to vote for Mencken and officially announces that he has been elected President. He is troubled by the thought that he may have made a deal with the devil because of this choice. Shiv, meanwhile, has decided to side with Madsen in her quest to destroy her siblings.

The Aftermath

Tom’s controversial election coverage and early winner call have drawn criticism. Despite ATN’s dubious tactics and Mencken’s appointment as President, the episode ends with no clear victor. On the surface, Kendall and Roman have won the most fantastic power race the country has ever seen, and Shiv has lost.

Succession President Jeryd Mencken
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Still, Kendall seems reluctant to make business decisions without Roman’s help, suggesting that he may need his brother’s assistance to remain CEO of Waystar. This indicates that the Roy family’s power structure is still being established.

Power Struggle Continues

  • The political upheaval significantly affects the family struggle for control within the Roys. In the episode’s final moments, a chasm opens up between Roman and Kendall on one side and Shiv and Madsen on the other.
  • Once the election dust settles and the Roy family’s maneuvers are revealed, it will become abundantly clear that the power games within this dysfunctional family are far from over.
  • As a result of this election, Season 4 of “Succession” will likely take a different direction than originally planned, leaving fans eager for the next chapter in the Roy family saga.

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