Will Suzume no Tojimari become the highest grossing Anime film of all time?

Suzume fourth highest grossing anime

Suzume no Tojimari has recently secured itself the position of the fourth-highest-grossing Japanese film worldwide. It is also the eighth highest-grossing film in Japan as per box office collections. While it manages to climb up the ranks in such a short duration and break records after its initial release, the question is whether Suzume would soon overtake Demon Slayer: Mugen Train and become the highest-grossing anime film of all time.

Recent records have shown that Suzume is doing extremely well in theatres worldwide and is the fourth highest-grossing anime worldwide. While this may seem like an obvious consequence of its advertisement, we will analyze how this Makoto Shinkai creation reaches beyond the normative aspects of popularity.

Why has Suzume become a worldwide sensation? 

Suzume is loaded with emotionally stirring and visually pleasing scenes. While it is a Makoto Shinkai trademark to make movies as such, this anime surpasses the general expectations of the audience. While it has been a far bigger sensation outside Japan, it is also surprising how the movie has left the audience astonished with its splendid storyline.

Suzume breaking records
Suzume no Tojimari has broken previous records of Shinkai. (Image via IMDb)

In a way, Suzume has also been the fourth highest-grossing anime due to Makoto Shinkai’s reputation. After major hits like Your Name, Weathering With You, and 5 Centimeters Per Second, Suzume comes out as an emotional rollercoaster.

It is to Makoto Shinkai’s credit that we find such soulful creations of animated movies. It is only to his credit that the natural elements are so perfectly blended with human emotional endeavors.

Suzume: breaking records and expectations

Suzume has been breaking records at a lightning pace. The anime has collected more outside Japan in the last few weeks. The film also broke Makoto Shinkai’s previous records with Your Name and Weathering With You.

The story of a girl who has the ability to open doors to other worlds and her adventure in search of a lost soul clearly won the hearts of the audience. Suzume has broken all records and has surpassed One Piece Red in a relatively shorter period. This tells us that Makoto Shinkai has the ability to captivate his audience not just with his visual storytelling but also with his immersive realism.

suzume fourth highest grossing anime and breaking records
Suzume has been breaking both records and expectations with its immersive realism. (Image via Rotten Tomatoes)

Suzume breaking records instantly became a sensational topic. The heartwarming response from various countries has fans waiting in the countries where the movie is yet to release. This tells us that the records and collections are just a consequence of the love and craze for this movie.

Suzume: a step forward for Japanese Cinema

suzume is fourth highest grossing anime and is breaking records.
Suzume is a new step for Japanese cinema and anime to retain popular appeal with similar performances. (Image via IMDb)

Japanese Cinema has always been a curious topic of discussion. While fans worldwide have always been positive towards the industry’s explorations, it is also commendable how the industry has also managed to live up to those standards.

From Demon Slayer’s passionate love to Studio Ghibli’s pouring aesthetic beauty, the Japanese film industry has given some of the greatest content to its audience. With this comes Suzume, an amalgamation of love and beauty created by Makoto Shinkai. With such popular appeal and zest among the audience, it is a major factor that is sure to boost Japanese Cinema to new standards.


  • Suzume has become a phenomenon worldwide. With countries witnessing one of the biggest blockbusters in their theatres, the movie has won millions of hearts already. The film’s gross revenue is skyrocketing and we have an increase in the appeal of Japanese films.

This tells us that Suzume is an exploration of not just the cinematic creation of art but also the genre of fantasy itself. We will surely witness a steep rise in its popularity in the coming weeks and that being said, we can only wait for the industry to break this record as well.

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