Oda seems to be writing the scripts in bold letters because honestly, One Piece 1060 that came out recently should be the next big thing to blow the charts off. Charts are blown off either when the hero goes all haywire and displays some legendary power, or when some next big plot is revealed. The latter is what Oda plunged when he decided to go all Nuke-Kaboom on the Kingdom of Lulucia in One Piece Chapter 1060.

Spoilers ahead, but you’re probably here for that anyways.

Art by Reddit user one piece chapter 1060
Art by Shiredora7216 in reddit

Our hero did go all haywire as the successor to Joyboy, the vessel of the Mythical Zoan type devil fruit Hito Hito No Mi Version: Nika. After the Gear 5 Revelation that Oda pulled for Luffy to plummet Kaido like he’s a piece of toy monkey, one expected a few lay lows in the following chapters.

But well, It’s Eichiro fu*king Oda we are dealing with. He knows how to make an audience and how to keep an audience. So what exactly happened in One Piece Manga 1060? Here’s the only recap you’ll need full of spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1060 spoilers: what really happened?

All crews reaction to Luffy's dream One Piece 1060
Zoro asks Luffy to have trust, 1060 chapter (via viz media)

Sabo’s accusation

  • The chapter begins with the news of Sabo who’s now accused of having assassinated the ruler of the Kingdom of Alabasta.
  • King Kobra (not the snake, you vicious bast*rds) Nefertari, father of Vivi Nefertari and the ruler of Alabasta was said to be murdered.
  • This was revealed during the Wano arc, the accused assassin is the chief of staff of the Revolutionary army.

The flame emperor Sabo is the new owner of Ace’s Lugia-type devil fruit. The last time we had heard of Sabo was during his siege in Mary Geoise during the Reverie. Sabo was tasked with rescuing Bartholomew Kuma.

Zoro Steps up as the Vice Captain

  • Upon hearing the news, Luffy and his crewmates jump in dismay and denial. Luffy immediately triumphs in invading Mary Geoise, the marine’s base of operations. He also wonders if they should just immediately head to Alabasta, all the way back to their initial point in Grand Line.
  • While Chopper, Sanji, and Nami agree unanimously, Zoro steps in to put the Captain back in the seat of rationality. Zoro asks Luffy to have faith In Vivi, who should be able to handle herself.

Upon this, the crewmates respond by calling Zoro funny names, the one that gets you the most is Green Mom (referring to Big Mom) and Green Kaido (Big bad Zoro, eh?).

Meanwhile, Robin reads the news headline and is about to tell Luffy that Koby has been taken by Blackbeard, but decided not to right away.

One Piece Manga Chapter 1060 pushes light on to Buggy and the Cross Guild

Abolition of the Warlords

Cross Guild As mentioned by Robin
Robin mentioning the Cross guild, snapped via Viz

The greatest development of the Reverie arc was the discussion to abolish the warlords. The end of Wano finally reveals that indeed the elite pirates no longer have any obligation toward the World Government.

  • Robin reads the news of what the press is calling The Cross Guild.
  • The Cross Guild was introduced in chapter 1056 first and comprises former Warlord Crocodile, Mihawk, and Buggy The Clown. Due to certain misunderstandings, Buggy was considered to be heading the Cross Guild and was declared the fourth emperor. 

Luffy’s dream and Strawhats’ next destination

Luffy’s big dream, via Viz

So here’s what Oda pulled – a freaking teaser. 

  • Luffy tells his crewmate what his big dream is. It is apparently a dream that is only possible once he becomes the king of pirates. Upon hearing this, the panel shows all the Straw Hats gasping in surprise.
  • While Jinbe calls his vow to join the Straw hat pirates worth it if his Captain is this crazy, the rest nod in excitement.
  • Some call Luffy crazy, but no one seems to be disbelieved. If anything, Luffy’s crewmates believe him more than anything in the entire world. 
Luffy wants to become the pirate king quick (via viz)

Straw Hat’s new destination

Bonnie flies from the eddy
Bonnie flies from the eddy, snapped via Viz

By the end, we are taken into what seems to be a new Island. Yet before the chills of the weather breeze by the straw hats, they face an enormous water eddy. The eddy, instead of going down, goes up. Within the water of the eddy shoots a body that falls into the Straw Hats’ ship. Enter Chibby Bonnie.

One Piece Chapter 1060’s big take on ‘Im The Emperor’ and the Ancient Weapons

sabo in one piece manga chapter 1060 spoiler
Sabo is about to tell who sits on the empty throne, featuring IM on the right side (snapped from viz)

Sabo’s Message Intercepted by World Government

  • Sabo tries to contact the Revolutionary headquarters. However, instead of an encrypted white transponder snail, he uses a normal one. Upon this, the world government immediately intercepts the signal.
  • Now, this could either mean Sabo was in a hurry or simply that he wanted the government officials to hear this. He then goes on to tell Dragon D. Monkey that when he visited Mary Geoise, he witnessed that the empty throne is not really empty.

The fate of Lulusia 

Lulucia blown to dust one piece chapter 1060
Lulucia has blown to dust in one piece in chapter 1060 (courtesy of viz)

Now even before Sabo is about to reveal what is the empty throne, the five elders discuss that Sabo happens to have bad luck.

  • It is revealed that Im wants to destroy a few lights out of the world, and Lulusia happens to be one such light.
  • Before Sabo could explain what the Empty Throne contains, a black cloud shrouds the island of Lulusia. The citizens watch in awe as a bubble that resembles something akin to a nuclear mushroom forms in the sky.
  • The bubble then engulfs the entire island in an explosion. In what seems to be One Piece history’s finest panels ever, the entire island is engulfed.

The Ancient Weapon 

  • The Weapon used is estimated to be Uranus by the entire fandom. And given that Uranus is the god of the sky, there seem to be fewer reasons to doubt such speculation.
  • It is part of the ancient weapons of antiquity that were made to oppose the World Government. The two other Ancient Weapons, Pluton and Poseidon, are in Wano and Fisherman countries respectively.


One Piece Film Red in India
Episode Snippet via Crunchyroll

Now One Piece chapter 1060 may have left a lot of twists to be uncovered. There’s this whole thing with what Luffy’s dream exactly is. I mean honestly, I feel cheated. I always thought Luffy’s dream was to become the king of the Pirates. Luffy remarked to his Nakama in this chapter that when he told his dream to Shanks, he laughed so much that he let tears out of his eyes.

This probably means that Luffy’s dream is something akin to flying atop the moon (which isn’t improbable. Guess who’s waiting for Luffy on the moon?). There’s also this big nemesis in the form of the world government, the big five elders, and emperor IM. Finally, when Luffy kicked Kaido’s dragon ass, we have a new nemesis at our fronts. But that’s what One Piece ought to do, anyway.

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