TnT Duets Will JM Dela Cerna and Marielle Montellano take home the gold
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It’s been a week since we heard Sidlak Bisdak’s “I Finally Found Someone” and three days since that iconic “From This Moment” version. Both OG and new fans still can’t get enough of this duo. Will JM Dela Cerna and Marielle Montellano finally claim the championship as a pair?

“It’s Showtime’s” Tawag ng Tanghalan (TnT) Duets aired their first episode on May 8, 2023, intending to be an interim program while the show reverts to its regular schedule. However, due to the positive response from the audience, TnT Duets was extended. Can you imagine if the show had been over after four weeks? We wouldn’t have had the chance to see JM Dela Cerna and Marielle Montellano’s overflowing onstage chemistry!

Pop Pristine: Marielle Montellano

TnT’s Season 1 was full of heavy-hitting singers, one of which includes Marielle Montellano. Hailing from Tabogon, Cebu, Montellano joined the contest as a teen, singing classic love songs and showcasing her artistry with her unique interpretations. Who could forget the day she sang “At Last” by Etta James and achieved a nearly perfect score of 99.6%?

Although she didn’t win her season, she was arguably the best female vocalist. She earned the title “Pop Pristine” thanks to her crystal clear voice. Every word she sings is articulated so clearly that any audience unfamiliar with the song can still understand the lyrics. She also amassed a loyal following and has significantly improved, with fans eagerly awaiting her much-deserved big break.

Season 3’s JM Dela Cerna

Finishing as the third placer, Dela Cerna was known for his high vocal range and versatility. From classic to rock songs to ballads and OPM, you name it. Season 3’s contestants were some of the best in all seasons yet. It was the season where any of the top 3 could have won, and no one would have questioned it. Elaine Duran emerged victorious, while John Mark Saga took 2nd place.

One of the songs that made a mark was Dela Cerna’s version of “Unchained Melody.” He sang it effortlessly, with no signs of struggle, showcasing his range and voice control. Apart from his singing engagements and live streams, he has since started hosting and recently concluded his first solo concert (May 20, 2023).

TnT Duets Week 4

Week 4’s pairs had the audience eager to discover what Dela Cerna and Montellano (Sidlak Bisdak) would sing as their first song together on the TnT stage.

Rockdads Lance Fabros and Dan Billano
Teentastic Duo Shaina Mae Allaga and Reign Basa
Power Pack Girls Querubin Llavore and Raven Heyres
Sidlak Bisdak JM Dela Cerna and Marielle Montellano
Balasabas Twins Jesselli Balasabas and Arneli Balasabas
Divine Feminine Jessica Alarcon and Orfeshaine Quinones
Powertastic Duo Bea Sacramento and Mary Khem Cabagte
BB Boys JKris Rodrigueza and Chingkie Maylon
Fearless Divas Shamae Mariano and Patricia Ivy Penano
Old Souls Julia Faith Joaquin and Ralf Adrian Tacogue

Oozing with Charisma and Chemistry

The audience already knew what the song would be from the first note of the pair’s duet. And who wouldn’t? It’s a classic love song that everyone knows, even the Gen Zs! The blending of their voices demonstrated that both artists knew where and when to adlib, letting each other shine at the right time.

The pair also incorporated a touch of theatrical play during the performance that definitely tugged at the heartstrings of hopeless romantics watching their performance. Fans of both artists were indeed given a treat, especially those waiting to see them back on the stage and in the spotlight again.

However, one of the judges, Jed Madela, felt that the performance could have been better and thought it might be because Dela Cerna and Montellano held back since it was a duet, not wanting to overpower their partner. Nonetheless, the pair won over the Power Pack Girls duo of Querubin Llavore and Raven Heyres.

The duo we didn’t know but needed

Week 4’s weekly finals had the audience waiting to see Sidlak Bisdak again, eager to hear what they would sing next. This batch also had really powerful pairs that Dela Cerna and Montellano would go against.

  • The two looked very comfortable with each other on stage, and the audience was excited to hear their rendition of the song “From This Moment” by Shania Twain.
  • Dela Cerna and Montellano started the song back to back and slowly turned to face each other while extending their hands to hold their partner. A scene where the audience and fans definitely felt giddy inside, considering how romantic their song is.

Both also stepped up and showcased their vocal prowess while supporting each other. The voice blending was top-notch and among the best renditions of the song. The hosts and judges felt butterflies while watching them sing their duet. Judge Marco Sison even began his comment by asking if the pair was a real-life couple.

TnT’s New Viral Sensation

Thanks to their undeniable chemistry, the pair quickly went viral after the episode on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok. Millions of views and thousands of likes later, fans still want more of Sidlak Bisdak.


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JM Dela Cerna and Marielle Montellano were everywhere, and who could blame them? It was a truly magical moment that their respective fans couldn’t help but ship the two as a couple in real life.

Fan Favourite Duo

Undeniably, the duos moving on to the Grand Finals are not ones to be overlooked. After all, Dela Cerna and Montellano tied with the Balasabas Twins as the weekly winners.

TnT Duets JM and Marielle Weekly Winners
Image Courtesy of It’s Showtime

Week 5 also introduced another familiar name, with the pair of John Mark Saga and Kim Nemenzo. However, Dela Cerna and Montellano had already established a great foundation not just with the fans but with the judges as well.

Many can’t help but comment that the two will win the competition with their vocal blending, chemistry, and better song choices for a duet.

Win or lose, one thing is for sure. JM Dela Cerna and Marielle Montellano showed everyone why their names will be remembered individually and now as a duo. It’s almost certain that the two will receive offers after the competition, regardless of their position.

As we approach the grand finals, everyone is on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what Sidlak Bisdak has in store for us and what the other contestants will sing to challenge the duo’s chances of winning.

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