Indigo Park: Chapter 1 – Honest Review (Mild Spoilers)

Indigo Park: Chapter 1 - Honest Review (Mild Spoilers)

Let’s get straight to it: Indigo Park: Chapter 1 is a free horror game with a spooky abandoned theme park setting. While it won’t leave you trembling under the bed, the atmosphere is creepy enough to keep you engaged.


Raccoon Buddy by Your Side

One thing I really liked was having Rambley, the raccoon companion, there to guide me. No getting lost here! His cheery personality even lightened the mood a bit in the creepy park.

Indigo Park Rambley Raccoon

Abandoned Theme Park

The abandoned theme park is definitely unsettling. The silence is broken only by your own footsteps, which adds up to a good creepy vibe. Even the statue staring at you wherever you go, while a bit cliché, added to the feeling of being constantly observed.

Indigo Park fountain area

But that’s not all. Rambley’s typically cheery voice seems to echo eerily, somehow heightening the feeling of being alone. Destroyed attractions, and blood splatters all contribute to a sense of abandonment and hinting at a dark past.

Story Hints for Future Indigo Park Chapters

Even though the game is pretty straightforward, all the different mascots the game introduces make me curious about what’s coming next. The short arcade machine mini-game was a cool break from the darkness, and it offered a little variety in the gameplay.

Indigo Park Arcade Machine

It’s clear this is just the first chapter, and I’m interested to see how UniqueGeese develops the story and characters in future Chapters.

Puzzles Could Use Some Work

The puzzles were a letdown for me. They were way too easy, like a 2 out of 5 difficulty-wise. Finding those missing cogs wasn’t much of a challenge, and the color-matching shapes were a breeze. Adding a time limit or puzzles that fit better with the environment would definitely make them more interesting.

Indigo Park puzzle

The chase scene at the end, though, was pretty intense! That showed what UniqueGeese could do with more engaging gameplay. The sound design during this chase was especially good – you could practically feel the boss’s breath on your neck, adding a real sense of urgency.

Runs Smooth, Looks Decent

The game itself ran smoothly, and the controls were super easy to learn. It felt like UniqueGeese wanted you to focus on the experience rather than getting hung up on complicated controls. The visuals were good for an indie game, although some of the details were a bit blurry. Not sure if that was intentional or not.

Free Fun with Potential

Considering it’s free, Chapter 1 is a steal. The atmosphere and story set the stage for something darker in the next chapters. It kind of reminds me of Poppy Playtime but in a different way. With some harder puzzles and a deeper story added to future chapters, this game has the potential to be a top-notch indie horror experience.


If you’re a horror fan looking for a quick atmospheric scare, Indigo Park: Chapter 1 is worth checking out. Just keep in mind it’s a short experience, but it leaves you wanting more.

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