The WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Wrestlemania headliner has had multiple acting accolades in his career. The most notable few only started a few years back. The Wrestler turned actor, Dave Bautista is no next to The Rock. Something he said so himself. His new movie Knock At The Cabin is all set for release next month. There’s this huge synergy to what he wishes to do as an actor beyond Marvel. And here’s exactly what he wants to do – simplified, for you avid readers.

Dave Bautista’s future in acting is different from other WWE Wrestlers turned actors

Dave Bautista quits Marvel
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Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Hollywood’s prime dog tops the list as the highest-paid WWE wrestler-turned-actor ever. Joining suit is The Rock’s former rival turned ally John Felix Anthony Cena. But another actor that is often overlooked because of his shy-screen presence is Dave Bautista.

How good is Dave Bautista’s Acting?

Dave Bautista may have joined a heavy list of other WWE alumni who ventured into the acting world. But the world finally is seeing the light that he entails. The light at the end of the tunnel is that of Dave Bautista honing his acting skills. Enough so that he could portray characters of the depth of Dune‘s Denis Villeneuve.

The significance of being cast in M. Night Shyamalan’s film is greater than you imagine

Knock At The Cabin Bautista
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Another example of his acting skills honed is the fact that he will appear in M. Night Shyamalan’s next movie Knock at The Cabin. Anyone who’s come remotely close to that film’s trailer on Youtube knows that it’s more than just a normal captive thriller.

  • There are weird themes always going on in M. N. Shyamalan’s movies. One of his core themes has always been the dark-gorey genre. Thrills, serial killers, demons, apocalypse, and satan. These are the keywords you’d look for in defining his glory.
  • Why I add the weightage of M. Night Shyamalan’s name to an article written about the future of wrestler turned-actor Batista is precisely to make a point. And the point is that of his acting career exactly. 

Does not want to be the next The Rock?

In his recent interview with GQ, Dave Bautista may have come close to revealing his larger acting picture. There’s honestly a lot to take in from that interview. But the prime theme still remains “what kind of an actor does Dave Bautista want to be”.

The 1.93-meter-tall tattooed monster’s presence feels quite watery – instead of being a fire meatball. Proving the theorem that brawns always lead to lesser brains wrong, Dave Bautista (as per my view at the moment of this being written) has surpassed polaroid robot-written linear characters.

Dave Bautista quits Marvel, but – 

  1. His significant simple character onset may have been with Marvel’s Drax. Which turned the wrestler into a soft brawn with fewer brains. So less that his most significant moment from Infinity Wars was a meme in which he said “Why is Gamora“. That surmises the epitome of Dave Bautista Marvel significance.
  2. The actor has felt pressed about his contribution as an actor in Marvel throughout the years lately. And this has been reflected in many of the interviews of which he were a part.

Drax actor said in the interview that he is indeed grateful to the Marvel project. But he’s also relieved to be leaving Drax behind.

“It wasn’t all pleasant. It was hard playing that role. The makeup process was beating me down. And I just don’t know if I want Drax to be my legacy — it’s a silly performance, and I want to do more dramatic stuff.”

Dave Bautista beyond Marvel – a future filled with hopes for better acting

Bautista Acting Career
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The upcoming future for Bautista includes Dune Part 2 later in the year. But the most recent nudge is Knock At The Cabin. He commented that it was his most vocal film ever. The shooting required huge pages of monologues, all of which he had to remember without losing emotional integrity.

And if you have seen the trailer as I have, Bautista does not disappoint. Bautista mentions that the amount of f**k he could give about being a movie star is so less, it’s basically uncountable. Referring to his life in Tampa. He said he just wishes to be a better, more versatile, and more adaptive actor. He wants respect. Reminds you of Hustle, Loyalty, Respect banter from John Cena’s 2010 promos. 

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