Whether you are a professional gamer or simply interested in computers, the developments in technology and GPUs are nothing short of impressive. One of the biggest names in the market nowadays is Titan’s RPX. Let’s discuss it, along with others, and decide whether it truly is the fastest ever built!

What is A GPU?

Whether you are a complete computer newbie or a gaming enthusiast, you will be using a GPU on a daily basis. GPUs are embedded into things we use every single day: laptops, mobile phones, and game consoles. So what is one? GPU stands for graphics processing unit. It is a specialized circuit unit designed to rapidly manipulate data and memory to accelerate the creation of images on a screen. The professionals behind Gadgets Enthusiast say that they take a huge amount of data and create what you look at when you look into your phone or video games. The quicker they are, the better they can access memory, and in turn, show better graphics. In modern computers, GPUs are either housed in the graphics card or directly on the motherboard.

Why Do I Need A Fast GPU?

When it comes to games, speed is one of the essential qualities a computer must possess. A fast independent GPU can help run tasks better than an integrated CPU if processing graphics is concerned. Mostly when it comes to graphics, but also the fact that it runs independently can free up memory and speed elsewhere in your PC. When do you need a fast GPU though?

  • Gaming

The most obvious need for a great graphics card is gaming. The faster the graphics card the quicker your games will render, giving a smoother and more realistic gaming experience. A slow graphics card will lead to lag and in turn slow down other functionality within the game.

  • Other Tasks

Having a great GPU brings another benefit. When you have an onboard graphics card, it brings with it it’s own RAM or VRAM. This means it operates off its own RAM memory instead of tapping into the computer’s RAM. This increases speed across the board including when watching videos, surfing the web, or creating presentations.

What is The Titan RTX?

The Titan RTX is a memory card made by NVIDIA. NVIDIA has been designing GPUs and other microchip technology for over 25 years, and specialize in GPUs for gaming. This is exactly what the RTX is, a GPU designed to be fast and improve the gaming experience.

The Titan RTX was released in December 2018 to much excitement in the PC gaming community! It was already tipped to be the fastest on the market before it was even released.

Titan RTX Specs

The Titan RTX is a real development in GPU technology from NVIDIA. What made it such a game-changer? Here are some of the key specs and features of the chip:

  • 6 Graphics Processing Clusters.
  • 36 Texture Processing Clusters.
  • 72 Streaming Multiprocessors.
  • 4608 CUDA Cores (single precision)
  • 576 Tensor Cores.
  • 72 RT Cores.
  • 1350 MHz Base Clock (MHz)

While none of these are specifically new technologies, the combination of them all and the extreme power this combination possesses has made the Titan RTX the leader in the market. To answer the question at the top of the article… yes, this spec makes it the fastest GPU on the market today!


There are many companies out there making similarly powered GPUs, though none have quite yet matched the potential of the Titan RTX. One of the biggest competitors of NVIDIA is AMD. AMD makes GPUs for personal computers and gaming just like NVIDIA. Their latest and most top-spec GPU unit is called the Radeon VII. It is comparable in many ways to the RTX but falls short slightly on power and speed.

What Do People Think Of It?

Across the internet, the Titan RTX is gathering five-star reviews from both gamers and high-performance PC users. It has top marks for memory, speed, performance, 4k ability, and even its design. There is only one drawback mentioned in most reviews. The NVIDIA Titan RTX comes in at a staggering $2,500. This means if you have any interest in purchasing one you have to be an absolutely committed PC builder or gamer. This chip is not for the budget-conscious or novice gamer. Even though it clearly is the best.

So, in answer to the question originally posed in this article, is the Titan RTX really the fastest and best GPU ever made? Yes! It absolutely is. Does that mean you should run out and buy one? Not necessarily! If you are a real pro gamer and want to take your set up to the absolute top level then this is the gear for you. If that is not you, maybe think twice about purchasing the RTX!


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