Join the Suzume Fever in Guwahati with Free Screening – Here’s how to get free TICKETS!

Suzume Free Screening

There’s a certain grandness to Suzume no Tojimari. But there’s a lot of grandness to private screenings. The legacy of Anime fans currently in India is determined by the regional clubs, collaborating with big shots to bring together things unimaginable. While it all first began in #IndiaWantsAnime which brought Weathering With You to the Indian screens, the tradition has been continued. Now, Spiel Times has partnered with the Assam Senpai Society to do a Free Screening of Suzume no Tojimari, another of Shinkai’s gems – in Guwahati.

The point regarding the unwaveringly high prices of Suzume tickets makes Anime fans worry

The talk of pricing regarding Suzume, at the point of writing this article, has been quite up the notch. The usual in the PVR seems to start at 700 and up.

  • Assam, which has been relatively free of the heavy burden of the monetary inclinations of most private screening companies, seem to bear a similar weight this time around.
  • Despite usually having ticket prices start from 190 up to 300, PVR claims this time around the prices for Suzume will easily be well over 400 to begin with.

Have Suzume tickets gone for sale yet in India?

Suzume no Tojimari Free Screening
The original image belong to CoMix Wave Films and Makoto Shinkai, but it is a teaser released by Spiel and Assam Senpai Society promotional for the free screening event

Yes but Partially; As of now, BookMyShow has not yet begun the ticket booking for the Suzume film. But with Makoto Shinkai appearing in Mumbai for the grand screening of Suzume, India is at one of the leading spots for his film’s greatest revenue growth throughout the international arena.

  • PVR has in its websites released certain theatres up for booking. This includes Delhi’s PVR Vegas in Dwarka. Nonetheless, the point is still regarding the price of the tickets being rarely high. With reels being made to denote the same.

How to watch Suzume for free

But to save you the monetary hard work, Spiel Times has aligned themselves with Assamsenpaisociety to bring the audience in Guwahati a special treat – a free screening of Suzume no Tojimari for the audience there.

  • For this purpose, the organizers have booked the entirety of an auditorium, and some more in second audio, in the cinema hall of Cinepolis.

How to sign up for this

To watch Suzume for Free, all you have to do is keep yourself up to date with the Instagram handles of both @spieltimes and @assamsenpaisociety

  • Within the span of the next two days, we shall be releasing forms in which you will have to sign up.
  • Depending upon how fast you were in the signup, we will hold you in for priority-based registration.
  • Basically, those who come first will get priority, and get the seats with the best view.

Priority registrations for cosplayers

Image rights belong to Makoto Shinkai and CoMix Wave Films
  • Additionally, if you apply for yourself as a cosplayer, you will gain additional benefits. We are looking for people who will come cosplaying at the event.
  • If you sign up as a cosplayer, you will be given priority in being given the best seats. The in-day event will include a pre-30-minute live Anime event – with fun times and games.

For further details, stay in the loop with @spieltimes and @assamsenpaisociety Instagram handles, where everything will be handled.

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