It’s hard to believe that Candy Crush Saga is ten years old, and it’s still as strong as it was when it first became viral. Even in 2022, the game cracks the top 10 most downloaded mobile games, continuing to stay strong after many competitors have come and gone. Candy Crush has been a significant part of many gamers’ lives. Experiences range from playing excessively to casually encountering it.

So how does the game and its developer King keep it relevant? Here are some of the things that make Candy Crush Saga stand out:

The First of Its Kind on Mobile

Match-3 swap games have been here longer than Candy Crush Saga, but it was the first to conquer the mobile gaming space. Games on mobile phones opened up a new category of casual gamers, one that worked well with the nature of Candy Crush. You could play during your free time, stop, and pick it up any other time.

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Games were short, and it was easy to pick up. As such, many who began picking it up found it hard to keep it down.

Addictive Gameplay

There’s nothing quite like finding the right match to create a colorful combo. You clear the board and rack up points, ensuring you unlock the next level. Candy Crush Saga is no doubt addictive because you see the fruits of your efforts appear on the screen. The developers know this. They reward you when it’s possible and keep the game just on the edge of achievable to entice players.

They do this through several features. The first is its life system. By having limited lives, people can only play several times each day. How long they play depends on their skill level. As such, players are careful when using each of their lives because they know that surviving rewards them with more playtime. They can never play until they burn out, keeping them enticed.

Candy Crush Saga isn’t a simple swap match-3. The game introduces new elements to keep the board interesting. You’ll find yourself strategizing against limitations and new combinations constantly.

Constant Updates

One thing that many developers realized is that the longevity of the game often comes with constant updates. Players want to feel that there’s something new to play each time they log on. Candy Crush Saga was the first to do this. They started creating spinoffs, other game modes, and updates. As technology became more accessible, it was easier for them to push out content.

Even during its 10th-year celebration, Candy Crush Saga will have new updates as a part of this milestone. They’re introducing new audio tracks, gameplay features, and improvements to the game. It won’t be surprising to see Candy Crush Saga live for another 5+ years. As long as mobile gaming is alive, it will continue to be a strong competitor.

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