Marvel: What makes Ryan Reynolds the best to play Deadpool?

Even the chirping of the birds on a bright sundown morning tells the tale of Ryan Reynolds. In what can be described as history’s one of the few examples that quite capture the phenomena of “this actor was born to play this role”; we bring to you Ryan Reynolds. This Canadian actor has grossed over $5 Billion worldwide at the box office. Reynolds being cast as Deadpool probably represents Marvel’s ‘the most’ eccentrically well-thought casting. Today we ask once again to commemorate the update of Deadpool x Wolverine in Deadpool 3, is Ryan Reynolds the best to play Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool even before he was Deadpool

There’s a certain crisp to the sardonic eclipses that Ryan brings to the table. His wit combined with well-cherished sarcasm gives him the upper hand whenever the room is about dominating with a sense of humor. As such Ryan also seemingly is a possessor of a voice that unbeknownst to him, is not giving of his Wade Wilson-like demeanor in real life.

But his sweet voice which is capable of probably doing voice-over acting in a serene oceanic montage only adds to the jest whenever he cracks a morbidly sarcastic overtone. Let us reminisce about moments when he was Deadpool even before he got the job 

Reprising his Ryan Reynolds persona in Blade Trinity

Anyone who knows Marvel now knows it for its comic uprise; kid-friendly gestures and overly cautious wokeness. It’s hardly ever that Marvel deviates from their typical PG-13 agenda. The last time I saw them barely click the line was when Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man) came to reprise a superhero director role once again in Multiverse of Madness.

The Dr. Strange sequel came in odd ways that displayed Wanda tearing down Mr. Fantastic like meat being sliced. She also apparently snapped Dr. Xavier’s head only after appearing as a disgustingly horrifying made-up (past tense of make up) the Exorcist equivalent-looking witch.

That’s for Marvel’s latest endeavors in crossing over to gore. But people haven’t forgotten the original Blade series; beginning in 1998 and going til Blade Trinity in 2004, which were all about blood, gore, and mature content. Usually, A-rated films with violence and gore do well with insultingly done sarcasm.

Hannibal King in Blade, Why Ryan is the best to play Deadpool
courtesy of pinterest
  • In Blade Trinity, we were introduced to Reynolds as the vampire hunter alongside Blade himself. There were plenty of scenes that Ryan was immersed in that involved downright torture, incapacitation, and incarceration.
  • Yet despite being amidst a grimly tormenting scenario, Hannibal King finds ways to crack the most mundanely hilarious jokes. (As can be seen in the youtube video linked above).

Hannibal King was not originally a serious character

The days in which Marvel used to change comic book reprisals to match their taste are long gone and dead. No longer can straying from source material be an accepted culture in today’s fandom. But the same was not the case in the early years of superhero film industry.

  • Hannibal King as written in Blade Marvel Comics is a serious detective with a linear goal. David S. Goyer the director of Blade Trinity, decided to change the character to match more with Ryan’s personality.
  • That’s the charisma he pulled ever since get-go. His obtusely reaching comedy reached even the producers and directors to ally with the structure of his being.

Deadpool himself hinted at the acotr before he was cast

Ryan Reynolds is the best Deadpool
Deadpool hinting that he looks like a love child between a dog and Ryan Reynolds, taken from a snap shared by a user in /r/marvel subreddit

At this precipice, we differentiate Ryan Reynolds who played Deadpool in 2016, and Deadpool who always existed in the Marvel comics.

  • Surprisingly not, in an issue of a comic series named Cable & Deadpool (2004), we had an instance where Deadpool describes his burnt face as a Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Sher-Pei turnaround.
  • It isn’t unusual to imagine Deadpool cracking a bestiality joke. And so wasn’t Ryan Reynolds being cast as Deadpool.
  • Line executive Jeff Katz believed in the comics’ Deadpool and pitched the idea of Ryan playing Deadpool.

Which did happen as a segmentally mute Deadpool in Wolverine X-Men Origins In 2009. This may have given the comic book writers a heads-up in imagining Deadpool as Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. 

Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds are synonymous 

Hear me out – we have had too many instances where Ryan has been as much as Deadpool as he possibly can. The comic book character is notorious for breaking continuity, breaking his comic universe, and even getting out of the comics to kill his illustrators all within comics.

Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, courtesy of reddit user u/Instance-Dependent

Marvel Deadpool was the Comic’s gateway from the daily stressors of having to maintain continuity and chronology with each issue. They just one day went “nah I am done” and decided to ask Fabian Nicieza (X-MEN) to make a character that just bypasses all comic book sense and the fourth wall. 

Ryan Reynolds talks to himself
Ryan talking to his twin brother Gordon, via Ryan’s official youtube channel

Although breaking the fourth wall isn’t easy IRL, Reynolds has done the best he can when he introduced the internet to his twin brother. His twin brother is basically played by himself in a double role, where both interact, engage and interrogate each other in an interview manner. The twin brother is apparently named Gordon Reynolds and is about the holographic imprint of the same mind-body-matter as Ryan.

Reynolds always pushed for a standalone Deadpool film

Deadpool x Wolverine Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3
Ryan Reynolds asks Hugh if he’s up for another film, via Ryan Reynold’s official youtube channel.

Reynolds knew what cheese he’d best make (other than what he makes in his bed). The Canadian actor shares his nationality with the origin of Wade Wilson who is also Canadian. For eleven years Reynolds pushed fox to believe in Marvel Deadpool project, which ultimately resulted in its glorious reception.


Image Courtesy: IMDb

Ryan Reynolds is about the best actor one can find to play Deadpool. It’s one of the few times in history that this happens, although by now this has happened a wonderous amount of times. This is natural given how many superhero films have lately resurfaced. Few actors really pull out the character within them. This probably has to be resuscitated to the idea that the comic book characters themselves are ultimately based on real life.

As such the idea of manifesting a physical embodiment of a character written in reality isn’t undoable. How well an actor plays a character ultimately hinges upon the actor themselves. Ryan isn’t the most versatile actor, although he isn’t incapable in any sense. It is just that the industry has found what Reynolds does bestsardonic comedy mixed with non-PG gore and action. 

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