Capinpin Family
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The Internet has had a fair share of entertainers, especially during the rise of YouTube vloggers (video bloggers). In the Philippines, that is just the case. YouTubers like Cong TV, Zeinab Harake, and Ninong Ry are just a few to mention. But, there is a small family who has emerged as one of the most followed social media sensations in the country – the Capinpin brothers. To learn about who they are and why they have became famous, read more below.


Who is the Capinpin family? Starring the whimsical brothers Gavin, Allen, and Kelzy featuring Kalo

Filipinos really love laughing. As the common saying goes “laughter is the medicine”, well Filipinos are definitely enjoying this kind of medicine. Since a long list of YouTubers has emerged now, it is still amazing that not only one member of a family, but all of them, have become internet stars. We are talking about the Capinpin family.

Consisting mainly of the three Capinpin brothers namely Gavin, Allen, and Kelzy, they became famous for their pranks and funny videos. Gavin, commonly known by his followers as Ser Geybin is the oldest among the siblings.


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Gavin and his brothers have become well-known internet sensations because of their super funny prank videos which have gathered millions of views on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. These social media comedians are sometimes joined by one of their close friends, Kalo. Occasionally, their mother (Elizabeth Capinpin) and Gavin’s girlfriend also hop in on the fun. Did you know that they only began their vlogs during the pandemic (2020)? Almost all of their videos take place at their residence in Cabanatuan City.

Ser Geybin (Gavin Capinpin): The Professional Tambay

Gavin Capinpin or Ser Geybin was a teacher in real life. However, his life changed when he started making videos on the internet. The self-proclaimed “professional tambay” has amassed a huge following on his social media platforms. He has more than 300,00 followers on Instagram and 72,000 followers on TikTok. Meanwhile, his official Facebook page has gathered more than 7.5 Million followers. On the other hand, his YouTube channel, where he made his original videos, already has more than 1.5 Million subscribers.

Gavin, who once was a professional teacher in College and Senior High School scored it big on social media. He (and his family) also made an appearance on television and at major public events. He has also found the love of his life with his long-time girlfriend, Elma Abesamis Asagra, whom he has been dating for about 4 years now.

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Kelzy Capinpin (capt.kelzy): The Young Heartthrob

The youngest among the siblings, Kelzy Capinpin has captured the hearts of the Capinpin brothers’ female fans. The handsome and charismatic social media icon also made a name for himself following his connection to his older brother, Gavin.

It was just recently that he made his own brand, which already received millions of views on TikTok. He now has almost 190,000 followers on Instagram and his TikTok account has more than 2 Million followers. That’s already almost three times the amount of followers Gavin Capinpin has!

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Allen Capinpin (Chief Allen)

The lesser-known Capinpin is not so unknown anymore. He has surpassed Gavin in TikTok followers with his similar vibe videos. Although he has created his own, he is still with his brothers and family. Allen is just like Gavin when it comes to being a comic relief. But, most commonly, he is the confidant of Gavin on pranks and challenge videos.



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