Mob Psycho 100: How much Mob has grown throughout the series

The growth of Mob in Mob Psycho 100 is incredible. ONE, is the author of both One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100. He has given us some of the most well-written characters I’ve ever seen in anime! Garou from a similar series is a unique villain, one who is simultaneously sympathetic and intimidating in the best possible way.

Mob Psycho 100’s Reigan is an enchanting swindler, one with a sizable amount of humankind to make him easily lovable! But out of all of them, one has managed to worm his way so deeply into my heart that I could never let go of him. And that character is Shigeo Kageyama. Otherwise known as Mob.

Let’s crack him open, shall we?

Mob in Season 1 – The Psychic Time-Bomb

the growtg of mob in mob psycho 100
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The growth of Mob in Mob Psycho 100 Season 1 was heart-touching. It all started with a simple accident. When Mob and his younger brother Ritsu were both kids, they ran into trouble with some older bullies. In the trade, Mob failed to keep a grip on his powers, harming both the domineering jerks and Ritsu gravely.

  • At the point when he returned, his little brother was on the ground, bleeding and moaning weakly.
  • This occasion would prove so traumatic to Mob that he’d attempt to constrict his abilities forever.

And you might ask,

What are Kageyama’s desires? 

Shigeo Kageyama has an exceptionally simple desire: he needs to interface with individuals specifically, the girl he likes. Being a madly strong clairvoyant who can employ relentless power over anything he picks, at the same time, ahead of schedule into the series, he arrives at the understanding that this power is truly of no utilization to him.

  • This is one of the points why I love Mob so much as a character. He feels real to me in a way that very few characters can be, despite his psychic powers and wacky shenanigans.
  • Consistently, Mob endeavors to be the best individual he can be. He means to beat his actual shortcoming by working out with his brothers.
  • He battles to defeat his social shortcomings by spending time with his companions.
  • For hell’s sake, even his crush on Tsubomi plays into this longing, as he becomes courageous enough to confess to her!

Watching him learn to accept and live with his emotions can be inspiring to anyone.

Reigen’s hand in Mob’s growth

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Reigen is my favorite character in the series even though I generally love tricksters. But beyond that, I think that one of the main reasons Mob didn’t fall apart in his younger years was that he always had Reigen by his side.

Does he really care about Mob?

I always thought that Reigen genuinely cares about the boy beyond what use he could make of him. Reigen is prearranged to overflow tricky sleeve however all things considered he’s really an incredibly fit person. Ok, not as a psychic obviously but as a con artist, definitely.

  • As a general rule his recommendation is very great, he has noteworthy perception abilities and is a superb colossal of character and he is defensive and minding of Mob.
  • He trusts and puts stock in the kid in any event when the kid doesn’t have confidence in himself.
  • In a nutshell, Reigen’s superpower is being a functional adult.

Does he put his trust on the young boy?

The way that Reigen had become exhausted with his clairvoyant gig and was thinking about continuing on. With his social skills, he could easily have found some other way to make a decent living.

  • But a young boy clearly in need of someone walks into his office and he just couldn’t turn him away.
  • Sure, if he could make a buck in the process, all the better, but that wasn’t the main motivation.
  • And he’s still like that. At the point when somebody needs his assistance, he doesn’t turn them away, ever.

Mob in Season 2 – The Hero We Need


The action is geared way up and the stakes have been raised considerably in Season 2. However for all the heart-beating experiences what I detracted from the season was exactly the amount Mob and the actual show had developed. But, the thing that I want to address is how beautiful Mob’s personal evolution was.

  • The young boy isolated and bound by anxiety and fear had come out of his shell. Without acknowledging it, he out of nowhere ends up encompassed by companions and interestingly even something similar to peers.
  • And because he finally has that support system available to him, he can finally find the strength to confront his own power.

He really begins involving it to help other people in everyday circumstances instead of only having it as a last resort. He no longer sees himself merely as a burden to others and therefore he no longer is.

Kageyama’s actual power is drawing out the best in Individuals

mob's brother ritsu kageyama
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  • The growth of Mob in Mob Psycho 100 has affected other characters too. When Kageyama is set up to confront the Black Vinegar Middle School‘s Shadow Leader and esper, Teruki Hanazawa. Nicknamed Teru.
  • The self-image-supported blonde gets an example of humbleness from Shigeo, who tells him not to use his psychic powers to hurt others.
  • Though it is kept hidden, Ritsu Kageyama has envied his big brother for his psychic abilities since childhood.
  • Over time, it led to him suppressing his anger and hatred, causing Ritsu to take unjust action by framing Onigawara for stealing his female classmates’ flutes.


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The growth of Mob in Mob Psycho has some masterful exposition-free character-building. By the middle of the very first episode. Having only seen Reigen and Mob, I already had a pretty good idea of who they were and how they related to each other even though I knew almost nothing about them.

Now that Season 3 is out, I can’t wait to see where Mob goes from here. The series and all the characters in it are absolutely phenomenal overall.

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