Moon Knight Blade, Black Knight, Doctor Strange, Daredevil and All Characters Who Might Cameo

It was about time MCU embraced Marvel Comics’ darker and supernatural universe and ever since Eternals, they have been trying to do so. Moon Knight would be the first dark and supernatural character in MCU, which will lay foundations for the other characters to join him. This Disney Plus Marvel Series can be a stepping off point for Marvel Knights and the Midnight Sons. This is a largely unexplored area for MCU but might prove to be a boon for Marvel in the modern world where people dig dark stuff. So, here are all characters who might appear in Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight.


We all know that Marvel’s Blade starring Mahershala Ali is all set to debut on the big screen towards the end of the year. In fact, we already heard Mahershala Ali’s Blade’s voice in the Eternals’ post credit scene. In case you weren’t aware, now you know that it was indeed Blade who we heard in the post credits of Eternals. Blade is one of the primary members of the Midnight Sons and the Avengers. From it appears, it seems like Blade will be the center of the dark/supernatural Marvel universe. So, we can all expect to see him.

Doctor Strange

In the Midnight Sons comics Doctor Strange, the sorcerer supreme played a major role. He assembled a team that consisted of many supernatural beings including Morbius, the living vampire, Blade, Ghost Rider etc. Since, Doctor Strange is who is connecting the Phase 4 of MCU, it is quite possible for him to make an appearance. Though it seems doubtful as we expected the same from WandaVision as well.

Ghost Rider

We might be going totally off the rails here, but we do expect to see Ghost Rider real soon in MCU. Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider was already a big part of Agents of SHIELD season 4 and was about to get his own series on Hulu. Unfortunately, it was cancelled but fans were promised that they’ll see Ghost Rider soon enough. Now that Midnight Sons might be shaping up, we expect to see a Ghost Rider real soon, be it Johnny Blaze, Carter Slade, or Robbie Reyes. Even if we don’t see the Spirit of Vengeance in Moon Knight, we expect to see the alter ego character.

Black Knight

Kit Harrington’s Dan Whitman was introduced in the Eternals where he supposedly had a family history and a secret, he wanted to tell Sersi. In the post-credits we saw him trying to interact with the Black Knight sword before he was interrupted by Blade. Black Knight was a prominent member of the Marvel Knights, Avengers, as well as Defenders. So, it is entirely possible that we see him or hear a mention of him in Moon Knight.

Daredevil and Punisher

If instead of Midnight Sons, MCU takes a Marvel Knights approach we will definitely see Daredevil and Punisher. Charlie Cox’ Daredevil was made cannon when he made his appearance in Spiderman: No Way Home. He is also rumored to appear in Marvel’s She Hulk. Jon Bernthal’s Punisher might also make an appearance to make Punisher MCU cannon as well. Sooner or later, Punisher will join MCU, and we expect it to be as soon as Moon Knight.

Sharon Carter (Power Broker)

We last saw Sharon Carter in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier where she became the underworld overlord Power Broker. Sharon Carter has been confirmed to appear in Marvel’s Moon Knight and take her role as the Power Broker forward. So, is there a possibility we might even see Bucky or Sam? I doubt it but MCU Phase 4 has done a lot of unexpected things and not done a lot of expected things. So, we can’t really say.

Obviously, only one or two of the above-mentioned characters will appear in the series and not all of them. These are the characters we think stand the strongest chance of appearing in the series. You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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