Morbius: Spiderman No Way Home Easter Egg You Might Have Missed!

Morbius Spiderman No Way Home Easter Egg You Might Have Missed in the Trailer

The hype around Sony’s Morbius is now rising, and its not just because it’s the first time Morbius is getting a live action adaptation. Sony’s Rebooted Spiderverse began with Venom (2018). While Venom is set in a different universe, the upcoming film Morbius looks like it’s based in the world of MCU’s Spiderman. Many of the keen-eyed viewers noticed Michael Keaton’s Vulture in the trailer. But that’s not all as there is one other connection.

Spider-man Graffiti

When the new trailer for Morbius came out last November, some viewers caught a Spiderman cameo in the form of Graffiti. While Morbius walks down a Spiderman-like alley, we see a graffiti art on the wall behind it. Here we see Spiderman painted in action, with the word “Murderer” later scribbled over it.

After watching No Way Home, viewers now know what the “murderer” thing is about. When Mysterio framed Tom Holland’s Spiderman, people were split into the two narratives. One section believed and trusted Spider-Man, while others believed Mysterio and called Spidy a murderer. This is exactly what this graffiti art is about.

While the suit doesn’t look like any of the ones we have seen so far, but it graffiti art after all. Just like in real world, the artist must have taken some creative liberty and painted the suit. So, it’s best not to focus too much on the suit in graffiti. This seems like a clear indication that Morbius is in fact based in the MCU’s Holland Spider-man universe.

Other Clues

  • Michael Keaton’s Vulture is the movie and asks him to stay in touch. This is also a clear indication that it has ties to the MCU and it’s Holland Spiderverse.
  • “In association with Marvel” which again signifies that it is tied to the Marvel Studios and its projects.
  • It doesn’t pretend to be set in a different universe and seems to embrace the spiderverse.
  • “I am Venom, just kidding”, Morbius says to one of the thugs suggesting that it is also tied to the Venom universe. And although Venom seems to exist in a different universe than Holland’s he’s been in the MCU’s Spiderman: No Way Home.

So, from all this, we can say that Morbius is surely placed in the Holland spiderverse. How exactly will all this work out, remains to be seen. Also, with Kraven The Hunter coming soon as well, Sony has now set the stage for its Sinsiter Six Project. Read all about it here!

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