Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Courtesy of Nintendo

We currently find ourselves slap bang within the golden age of gaming. There are several different, engaging, and immersive experiences out there which are so vast in their coverage that they appeal to lots of people, regardless of their taste. The amount that games have come in their competitive online nature, the engaged storylines they have, and the community that surrounds them are extraordinary, and when you consider all of this, it is hard to deny that games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

On the other hand, though, despite modern games being so exciting, it can be difficult not to pine for the simpler times that came with the arcade era and with retro games. Who doesn’t miss those days of 8-bit and 16-bit games that came with fun music, exciting premises, and simple controls? Well, these games are very much still accessible and a lot of the classic games that people have always loved, continue to get played frequently. If you want to start playing more classic games, but aren’t sure where to start, then the below article is going to go into more detail about some of the most popular retro games out there you could try.

Super Mario Bros

This originally came out in 1993 on the NES and continues to do well. Since then, it is one of the most popular game franchises in the entire world. It’s fair to say that Mario made sufficient strides to completely invent the concept of the platform game. Nintendo continued this trajectory by releasing more and more Mario games, such as Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World, and so on. These games are some of the best side scrollers that have ever been made and separating them is no mean feat. If you want to get access to one of the most popular classic games out there and completely immerse yourself in the genre-defining titles that Nintendo pumped out, then some of the classic Mario games are certainly the way to go. Not to mention, when you feel played out and would rather explore something a bit more modern, you can then head over to the likes of Super Mario Odyssey for a dose of the 21st Century.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo

This was an arcade game that was first released in 1992 and loved by different people all over the world. The game had several different combinations that players could discover and that friends would be shocked at when the person they were playing against managed to uncover them. Some of the moves still survive in the modern Street Fighter games, such as Blanka’s electric attack, and the dragon punch motion. The game also came with a massive range of unlockable characters, like Akuma. Yes, there is no getting away from the fact that when it comes to classic fighting games, it doesn’t get much better than Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

Classic Casino Games

Casino games have always been popular ever since land-based casinos were first established in the US and then across the rest of the world. This popularity has since continued as in 1996, the first online casino was set up. The games on these online casinos, even in the modern world, keep with them the classic nature that the original casinos had, except with modern themes attached to them which appeals to so many different people. Another benefit to playing these classic style games is that there is so much choice, and if you head over to a website with real money slots online, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the kind of casino game that you would like to play on.


Who doesn’t love Tetris? It was originally released in 1989 on the Nintendo Gameboy and can still be found on phones and tablets everywhere to this day. It might seem off to think that a premise as simple as finding the right arrangement of a group of coloured blocks can go on to be so iconic, but it is. If you want to throw yourself into the classic world of different games, then one of the best titles that you can do that with is Tetris. Enjoy the music and the imagery and simply revel in the nostalgia that comes with all of it. You might find it’s the gateway back to classic games that you’ve been looking for.