One Piece Chapter 1083
Is the war in Chapter 1083 the big arc Oda talked about? (Image via Toei Aniamtion, Eiichiro Oda)

One Piece Chapter 1083 has taken the internet by storm as the spoilers have already surfaced on Twitter a few days back. The events in the recent chapters have all been nothing short of adrenaline-boosting. However, the declaration of war against the World Government in Chapter 1083 has to be the biggest event in the recent history of the series.

As we move forward in the manga, many more mysteries will appear. However, fans still remember an old interview with Oda where he mentioned a “big arc” after Wano. They wonder if he was talking about the incoming war arc, which might be the final arc in the entirety of One Piece. As we tread further into the final saga, many new developments shall take place one by one. Hence, keep reading the article as we discuss the possibility of this being the “big arc.”

One Piece Chapter 1083 lays the road for one of the biggest wars in anime history

In One Piece, there is a plethora of various factions with varying motives. However, the three most vital powers in One Piece are- the World Government, the Revolutionary Army, and the Pirates. Many might consider the Navy to be the fourth entry, however, we believe that it falls under the World Government itself.

  • One of the most significant recurring extremities in the series is the bitter repugnance between the World Government and the Revolutionary Army. However, finally, Monkey D. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army declared war upon the Celestial Dragons and the World Government. This is by far one of the biggest events in the history of One Piece.
  • The World Government on the other hand has a duty to protect the leaders of the world, the Celestial Dragons from the army. Hence, the Holy Knights have been introduced in the manga, as an entirely new force to protect the Nobles.

How could this war potentially be the final act in One Piece?

Although this is nothing but a mere assumption, this war could be the “big arc” or the final act in One Piece Oda was talking about. There are a lot of reasons to back this bold statement up too. One of the prime reasons is that the Revolutionary Army has an amicable relationship with Luffy. Keeping aside the fact that Luffy is literally the son of Dragon, he is also closely tied with Sabo and Ivankov.

  • Luffy, now an Emperor of the Sea, will surely run in to aid Dragon, Sabo, and Ivankov in their quest of destroying the World Government. Moreover, he has a bitter hatred for the Celestial Dragons himself. Alongside Luffy, it is safe to expect that many other pirates, including the Emperors, will join the battle against the World Government. 
  • Most importantly, when the Emperors are involved, a following fight between them might also follow over the Poneglyphs and the Road Poneglyphs for the coordinates of Laugh Tale. This might finally be the initiation of the final event in the series- a battle for or in Laugh Tale for the legendary One Piece. This indirectly means, the winner of the entire war, will be closest to acquiring the legendary treasure. The World Government surely will not let this opportunity slide to seal it for life, although they might be plotting some mischief with Imu at the helm.


As mentioned earlier, this was all but a mere assumption. It is impossible to predict Oda’s genius plans for the series. However, it is no wonder that the upcoming war will be one of the biggest events in the entire history of anime, let alone One Piece. Undoubtedly, it will closely tie up to the legendary treasure, One Piece. 

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