Video Gaming has come a long way since its inception in the ’90s. We started off with games like Tetris, Contra, Mario, and Wolfenstein – games that shaped our childhood.

We have come a long way since then and gaming is much diverse as a hobby now. There’s something for everyone wherever the eye can look!

The most recent addition to the arsenal is definitely in the field of fantasy games as well as online slot games that are similar to video games. We’ve seen the rise of the industry in the recent past, as more and more people are exposed to the Internet. The best addition to the genre in recent times is definitely slot games and online games that are variants of popular video games that everyone knows about.

Slots do bring some of the glory back. You have the adrenaline rush of winning, and the joy of seeing coins pour out of the machine in the thousands. Well, there’s a slight catch. Nowadays, many of these slots have moved online to increase the number of customers.
Some have even put on entirely different designs to appeal to a younger section of customers looking for some dopamine. One such game that is similar to a classic video game that you can check out now is Racoon Tales from Evoplay Entertainment.

The game is about a racoon who journeys into a forest with the oath to free it from the evil grasp of every monster living there. Throughout the journey, our heroic raccoon comes across a number of obstacles that he needs to cross as well as enemies whom he needs to defeat.

There also are caves full of treasure to loot, especially if you are lucky. What’s amazing is that the raccoon’s moves are governed by the reels!

If you land a lucky symbol of a high value on the reel, you can land a critical hit on an enemy and knock it out in an instant. Treasure levels mean bonus gains for the luckier ones who manage to get into there, increasing the yields from the reels.

There are random events that can increase the gains if the goddess of luck shines on you. Of course, monsters and dragons will be making an occasional appearance – some of them being rarer than the others. Rare monsters grants a free spin, which if won can grant a large number of credits back. The game’s pretty awesome and definitely worth checking out at least once.

If you are still in doubt, you can read more about Raccoon Tales here. Online Slots and other online gaming are increasing in popularity as younger people get into it. Fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and even fantasy e-sports are already being deployed as we speak.

There’s only room for further expansion of the genre, and entrepreneurs are already starting to try to appeal to a more diverse audience to get into it.

In 2020, gaming is for everyone. Age, gender, or race doesn’t matter as long as people can get into the hobby.

With the addition of online gaming, people can be sure that most games are one click away on the Internet – one spin away from winning.


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