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Throughout the years, Fortnite had a lot of various crossovers. They’ve collaborated with different companies making it possible for the beloved characters to appear in Fortnite. Making the fans more thrilled to play the game.

Now we give you a breakdown of the Top 10 Best Fortnite Crossovers list that surely made the fans excited and trended all over the world.

10. Fortnite x The Walking Dead
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One of the longest airing hit T.V shows “The Walking Dead” has arrived in Fortnite. This crossover features the three iconic characters of the show. Daryl and Michonne were first added but later on, Rick Grimes joined them.

You can use these characters as skin and their items just like in the show in playing Fortnite. Zombies are also present in this crossover because it wouldn’t be complete without them, right? But this could also be more fun if they added more characters from the show.

9. Fortnite x NBA
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Basketball players from the NBA in Fortnite make it interesting. In this crossover, players can use the 30 team outfits. Meaning they can represent all 30 teams of the league. They also included having an NBA team battle for a limited time only.

But what fans liked the most in this crossover are the NBA players, Donovan Mitchell, and Trae Young’s personal favorite Fortnite items. It was added so the fans can purchase and have the same items with them. It must be nice to have the same item as your idol.

8. Fortnite x Marshmello
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American DJ and producer Marshmello threw a wild live concert for the first time in the world of Fortnite at Pleasant Park. Epic Games surely knows how to throw a party in Fortnite. You can watch the concert here if you missed it.

With Marshmello’s iconic marshmallow-like headpiece to cover his face, it made a craze in this crossover. Players can use it as a skin and is called Melloverse giving you party vibes while you play. This crossover is unforgettable for sure.

7. Fortnite x Deadpool


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The crowd-favorite character and one of the wildest Marvel characters, Deadpool made its crossover in Fortnite. To avail him in the game, you have to unlock it by doing some challenges in the game.

But if you just want to roll up to the party in Fortnite as Deadpool, you can. To make it more fun is that it would make you feel like Deadpool while playing since you can use emotes similar to what he does in the movies.

6. Fortnite x God of War
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Two famous video game worlds colliding? That sounds like a crazy crossover. Kratos from God of War went to Fortnite for a visit. In this crossover, feel like you’re a warrior dominating the grounds of Fortnite while using Kratos skin, his items like the Guardian Shield Glider, and cool emotes similar to him.

5. Fortnite x Batman
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Batman took Gotham City with him for a while and went to Fortnite. The iconic DC Comics character landed in the game to fight. You can choose Batman skins and his cool stuff like Bat Glider, Grapnel Gun, and the Explosive Batarang. Afterward, Catwoman and Harley Quinn also joined Batman in Fortnite.

This crossover couldn’t be even cooler when you play in Gotham City-like setting too. The Tilted Towers in Fortnite became Gotham City where you can play Batman in that setting with his cool items and emotes too. It gives you the taste of being in Gotham City as Batman.

4. Fortnite x Stranger Things
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Fortnite went to the Upside Down with its crossover to the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. This is to commemorate the third season of Stranger Thing’s release back in 2019. Jim Hopper is the only human character from the show and the iconic Demogorgon creature appeared in this Fortnite crossover.

It means skins and items are available to play for Jim Hopper and the Demogorgon. But what makes it cooler, the moving veins from the shows are also present in the Mega Mall location which gives off the “Starcourt Mall” setting in season 3 of the show. In that way, you would feel like you’re in Hawkins too.

3. Fortnite x John Wick
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The one and only John Wick brought his new mission to Fortnite. This crossover is thrilling to play since even in the game, John Wick’s character has a high resemblance to Keanu Reeves from head to toe who played it in the movies. Even the iconic black and white suit, plus the gun too.

This crossover can also make you feel like the awesomeness of John Wick too using the new game mode “Wick’s Bounty” where you need to defeat enemies to earn Continental coins. Just like John Wick in the movie, where he needs to kill everyone on his way to win and survive. But sadly for the fans, the fun only lasted for short time.

2. Fortnite x Star Wars

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Fortnite has reached into the Galaxy from far, far away. The legendary Star Wars franchise made its crossover debut with Fortnite. This crossover focuses on its sequel trilogy (Episodes VII, VIII, and IX). In this amazing crossover, a lot of Star Wars characters skins available to play in the game.

The characters included are  Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, Zorii Bliss, Sith Trooper, Boba Fett, Fennec Shan, Krrsantan, The Mandalorian, Imperial Stormtrooper, and the normal yet iconic Stormtrooper. But the most beloved character in the crossover is Baby Yoda and it’s the cutest thing ever in the game. Baby Yoda’s appearance has sparked attention on the internet.

Aside from the characters’ skin, fans were also thrilled to use items from the movie including the iconic lightsabers. The force is certainly strong with the fans while playing this memorable yet fun crossover.

  1. Fortnite x Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame
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On top of this list is none other than both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. MCU’s iconic characters have assembled in this huge crossover. Fortnite and Marvel fans cheered for this collaboration since they also get to play Thanos the mad titan.

We all know who and how many iconic avenger characters are in these movies but to name a few for this crossover Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye skins are available to play. You can choose to play these heroes or use Thanos and become the villain in the game.

In the Infinity War crossover, players can become Thanos and experience using the famous Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones which includes his natural skills too. The hero characters team up together and go against you just like in the movie.

While in Endgame, the avenger players need to beat Thanos and his army by collecting all six Infinity Stones just like in the movie as well. In addition, you can choose either with the heroes’ side or with Thanos. This crossover may have given justice for using the references from the movies which made the fans delighted.

Honorable mention crossovers

Unfortunately, not all the best Fortnite crossovers can make it up on the top 10 list. So here are some crossovers that deserve an honorable mention but in no particular order.

  • Fortnite x NFL
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If there’s a crossover for basketball, there’s no wonder if football has one too. NFL fans who play Fortnite couldn’t be happier. In this crossover, you are allowed to have all jerseys of 32 NFL teams. Therefore, you can represent any team you want while playing.

Not only that you can represent your team’s jersey but you can also customize the jersey number. It’s such a great fan service for both NFL and Fortnite fans. While playing in the fields of battle royale, you can do emotes while wearing NFL jersey skins to make it more fun.

  • Fortnite x Jordan
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Who would have thought that even Nike’s Jordan made its crossover in Fortnite? Probably no one. This unexpected collaboration sparked the attention of all Fortnite fans and sneakerheads all over the world. Through this crossover, you can get to use exclusive Jordan item skins in the game.

Having a Jordan skin in the game can make you look cool for sure. There’s also a brand new game mode made for this collaboration called the “Downtown Drop” which was inspired by New York City. Fits the street style vibes of Jordan while collecting gold coins and doing challenges.

  • Fortnite x Ghostbusters
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Who ya gonna call for a Fortnite crossover? Ghostbusters! The iconic ’80s movie franchise has also arrived on the grounds of Fortnite. However, the original characters of Ghostbusters Venkman, Egon, Winston, and Ray are not included in this collaboration.

Not to mention that even the reboot characters aren’t included too. The only cool thing about this is the Ghostbuster suit skins and items like the proton pack are available to get. Fans took that as a sigh of relief for this Ghostbusters crossover.

  • Fortnite x Wreck-it Ralph
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Disney’s Wreck-it Ralph has made its arrival to Fortnite. But unlike any other crossovers in Fortnite, Ralph the gentle giant has only made a cameo in the game. No skins, items, and all from the movie.

Ralph was first seen from Mozzzy’s Twitch Stream which showed Ralph appearing on a billboard waving and smiling. His cameo appearance makes sense with its sequel movie that time titled Ralph Breaks the Internet. Ralph did make people in the internet surprised after its short crossover with Fortnite making it worth the promotion.

  • Fortnite x Mayhem
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Mayhem made its way to Fornite. In this crossover, you can get all the cool exclusive bundle items such as Psycho Bandit Outfit, Psycho Buzz, and the Claptrap Pet. Fans were also glad that the Pandora map in Fortnite became like the Borderlands where the fun gets crazy for awhile.

This concludes the Best Fortnite Crossovers

All of the crossovers on this list have made the fans happy and excited playing it during its respective releases. The mentioned crossovers are all highly fan-favorites and made a buzz on the internet making it a trend all over the world

For sure there are still a lot of great Fortnite crossovers that did not make it on the list. But the entire list of Fortnite crossovers history is certainly going to get longer in the future. As long as Fortnite is here to stay.

Fortnite might be even working on a new collaboration for another crossover or maybe a crossover comeback.

Now the question is, what could it be this time? Only time could find out and tell. So try checking out Fortnite’s official social media accounts for further updates. They might be dropping hints already.

Take note that all of these are solely from the author’s rankings. 

So you may agree or disagree but give no hate. This is a hate free-space.

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