Movies featuring bank robberies are always interesting. The method of robbery, the different characters on the team, the tools they use, the plan, the people on the other side, are all part of an entertaining watch. Of course, the Netflix series Money Heist has added to the popularity of this genre. In this list here we talk about movies that include grabbing some major cash. The list is a mix of classic money heists as well as unconventional ones and includes some true stories as well.


Starring Robert de Niro and Al Pacino opposite each other, this one is a classic film. De Niro, a career thief, has to outwit an LAPD officer played by Al Pacino as he makes one last heist before he skips town with his girl. The movie follows both the characters in detail and not only their professional careers. We see both of their personal relationships, and these relationships get intertwined with their jobs and their consequences.

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American Animals

Based on an actual heist that took place in Kentucky, this movie tells the story of four small-town friends. They plan to make it big by robbing a collection of rare books in their town’s library. However, their plan goes wrong with too many loose ends, and they are eventually caught. In the end, we are also shown the real-life people, and what they were doing when the movie came out. The movie is very engaging and tense and feels very realistic.

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Baby Driver

Starring Ansel Elgort in the titular lead, the movie follows Baby, a getaway driver. His job is to primarily drive thieves around, getting them to the place of robbery and then to safety. The heists are planned by Doc, played by Kevin Spacey, and Baby quits as a driver once his debt to Doc is paid. Doc insists on his return for another job. Baby attempts to escape with his girl but is stopped. At the heist, things go haywire and Baby kills one of the crew and crashes the car. The others are chased by police, but Baby manages to escape. When he tries to skip town, he is confronted by the last member of the crew, who attempts to kill Baby.

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Now You See Me

The first installment in the series was quite a film when it was released. With a stellar cast on all sides of the story, the movie takes us through the journey of a group of magicians who perform a money heist at each show. The FBI and Interpol are at the back of the magicians, but never quite manage to get to them. Quite an engaging and thrilling watch.

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The Italian Job

Once again, a movie with an amazing cast. The movie follows a group of robbers whose leader calls them for one last heist. However, he is betrayed by one of his members and is killed. After some years, the rest of his team assemble to steal from their former colleague. The movie takes us through their plans and the different methods they use to get in and get the gold.

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Ocean’s Eleven

Another movie with a wonderful cast ensemble, and the first movie in the Ocean’s film series. The team of robbers plans the heist of a casino. Obviously, the casino is heavily guarded and is a public place of recreation. Security is always tight, and nothing slips through the gaps. So, how do they do it? That is what is interesting, and there is a surprise at the end.

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This movie is based on the book Bringing Down the House, which recounts the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team. A top-scoring student from MIT joins the MIT Blackjack Team which uses card counting, covert signaling, and other methods to win games at casinos. Over time, the team gets rich and begins to enjoy their life. However, trouble begins with an internal conflict, and the head of security at a casino begins to take notice. Ben becomes isolated and loses his touch, and finally gets beat. He is then alienated by the team leader and has to survive both his student life and his casino life.

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Logan Lucky

A comedy heist movie, it stars Channing Tatum and Adam Driver in the lead. In addition, the cast includes Riley Keough, Daniel Craig, Seth MacFarlane, Katie Holmes, and Sebastian Stan among others. The Logan family plans an attempt to rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway, but they also have to look out for the FBI. With the construction of the Speedway being completed earlier, they are forced to pull of an earlier heist. However, unexpected things happen during the heist, but somehow, the crew manages to make it without leaving behind any proof. From there, it is a short while to the end.

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Inside Man

This movie covers all sides of the story of a 24-hour Wall Street bank heist. We see the NYPD detective, the heist planner, and a power broker attempting to keep a safe deposit box away from the heisters. The movie is quite interesting, and revealing the plot here would not be a good idea. The movie is complicated enough anyway for it to be explained here. Nonetheless, an engaging movie that must be watched.

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Focus stars Margot Robbie and Will Smith in the lead. Smith plays the role of an experienced con-man, while Robbie’s character tries to con Smith itself. Smith then trains Robbie and they get involved romantically, but they part ways. Years later, they meet again at another job, and their relationship continues. However, the bad guys get in the way and both their lives are put at risk, but they survive and get their money.

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