The Netflix show Squid Game created quite the sensation when it was released amidst the pandemic. I don’t think there is much need to describe the genre of Squid Game. But, if you did dig the show, there are other movies and shows that feature a similar setting. They pit people against other people, as others who are in control get to watch.

Here, I list a few of the movies that are set in a similar genre. Do check them out, and be warned, the following list might contain spoilers.

Death Race

The Death Race film series follows the story of prisoners in a special facility. This facility is known for its survival car race show, the Death Race, where drivers compete against each other in deadly conditions until only one man is left standing.

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The protagonist is a character named Frankenstein, a masked man of mystery, who is just about to win his freedom, but those in control have other plans. However, with a decent performance in the first movie, the quality of the series has progressively decreased.

The Purge

This is another movie series, with a TV show of the same name as well. The first movie and the series are among the best of them. In this universe, America has reached peak levels across all indicators, with minimal unemployment and crime. But, how did this come about? It is because, for a period of 12 hours each year, all kinds of crimes are made legal.

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People are expected to find a release during this period, even if it is murder. In such a world, the movies and series follow characters and families who do not want to participate in this government-sanctioned massacre. Quite an intense watch that pitches people against each other, even if only for defense.

Escape Room

This movie is based on the concept of a normal escape room. A group of people will have to find clues and solve puzzles and progress. However, there is a sinister touch to the game this time.

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The threats in each puzzle room are very real, and players have to solve puzzles to keep themselves alive. The premise is similar to Squid Game, with a set of rich viewers betting on the outcome of the entire “game.”

The Tournament

Another game show organized by millionaires around the world for their own pleasure. The game simply referred to as “The Tournament”, takes place in different places across the world. One thing that stands out in this movie is that participation is voluntary. However, there are always enough participants to get the show going.

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The primary participants are assassins, contract killers, serial killers, and such. With chips inserted into their necks, if there is no sole survivor, any survivors are killed off. The last one standing wins the prize money, along with the reputation, and having a pricey service the next time they are hired.

Battle Royale

This Japanese survival movie features a group of 9th-grade students is placed on a deserted island. They are supposed to kill each other till only one of them survives. With an explosive collar on each student, only the last survivor can leave the island, or no one can.

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It is one of the most controversial movies in this genre and is based on an even more controversial book of the same name by a Japanese author.

The Running Man

This movie is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role. A police officer who is wrongly accused has to participate in a game before he can earn his pardon. Criminals are allowed to run from assassins, whose only job is to kill off these criminals.

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As the Gods Will

Another Japanese film on the list. This movie contains similar games to the Squid Game. For starters, the first game is Red Light, Green Light. The movie is gory and bloody. School students have to survive against a bunch of angry gods, who manifest through weird dolls and oversized toys.

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The students have no choice other than to do as the Gods will. This movie is different from the others in that it contains some supernatural elements.


A group of strangers finds themselves in a room, standing in a pattern. A central platform zaps people to death every few minutes. However, people figure out how the person is chosen: a vote. All of the people can vote using bands on their hands, by simply moving them. Who is going to die next, and how is the vote chosen? There will only be one person alive, and they have to be chosen.

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Hunger Games

In a dystopian world, contestants are forced to participate in a series of games till the last man. There are 12 districts, and each one has to make a “contribution” of two contestants for every annual game. This game is put in place to keep the people in control by those who control and run the scene.

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The Belko Experiment

Belko is a non-profit organization, working with American companies. The employees are all settled in work and carry on with their daily life. One day, there is an announcement that they are required to kill three co-workers, or six others will be killed. While they try to figure out whether someone is pranking them or not, people begin to die. And guess what, each employee has a chip in their neck, so they can be eliminated if they try to escape.

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