10 Time Travel Movies You Shouldn’t Miss!

Time travel is a very interesting concept. It is always nice to think about what the future might be like, and whether there will be flying cars, a single global society, space travel for everyone, and so on and on.

There are a lot of movies that have actually explored the concept, though some of them might not be entirely sound in their logic if you really think about them. But, it does give us something to think about, something to be interested in. Read on to see my personal list of top time-travel movies.

Back To The Future

This is a cult classic. The trilogy was released late in the 1900s and immediately became a popular movie series. The movies follow the continuous story of Doctor Emmett and Marty McFly as they travel back and forth in time. Each time, there is something to be set right, and the pair just manage it every time.

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Groundhog Day

It is quite an old movie but is still an entertaining one all the same. Phil, a weatherman, gets stuck in a time loop and is unable to escape it. He does all sorts of activities in the time loop when he realizes that they hold no consequences. However, as he continues to relive the same day, he becomes depressed. He also develops feelings for the producer, and it is finally in winning her hand that he breaks the time loop.

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Starring Ethan Hawke, this movie is about a temporal agent who is given his final task. He has to stop a bomb blast in New York by traveling back in time, but he is just never able to complete his task and prevent the blast. This movie might feel medium-paced and feel like the movie is going to end on a plain note. But here is the twist, the twist at the end that just blows the mind of the viewer. It is a must-watch for any sci-fi fan, especially time travel fans. The movie can be watched just for the ending.

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Edge of Tomorrow

Starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the lead, the movie takes us along with a Major when he is caught in a time loop. He relives the same day, again and again, each time trying to figure out what he has to do to save the Earth.

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Déjà Vu

An action-packed sci-fi movie, starring Denzel Washington, what more do we need? An FBI agent, Doug (Denzel Washington), must travel back in time to prevent a ferry explosion. Along with the story, we are also introduced to other characters such as Doug’s friend, and a woman he attempts to particularly save.

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Yet another action-packed sci-fi film, with another great cast that includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, and Emily Blunt. Loopers execute victims that are sent back in time to them. In addition, the last assignment given to the Loopers is to execute themselves, the older version that is sent from the future.

This is because they are being hunted by a new boss. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) finds himself in one such situation, and before he can kill himself from the future, his future self (Bruce Willis) breaks free and escapes. However, the endgame to the movie is how Jow prevents loopers from being hunted.

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A masterpiece by Christopher Nolan and his experiments with time, this movie would make it to any list. A stellar cast of actors travels in time to find a new home planet when Earth gradually becomes uninhabitable. Drama, emotion, and high-intensity moments will keep the viewer engaged. But that is not all. This movie really makes one think about the concept of time and time travel, and also has a bit of science to back it up.

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Source Code

Jake Gyllenhall plays the role of Colter Stevens, an army pilot who is put in a simulation of a real-life event: a bomb blast. He has exactly eight minutes to figure out who the bomber is, as it is suspected that this might be the beginning of a series of attacks. The time concept is complex here, just as in others like Interstellar, Predestination, and Déjà Vu. Best that you watch it rather than hear it.

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This movie follows an average IQ military librarian, Joe, and a prostitute, Rita who are part of an experiment that puts them into hibernation. The experiment is forgotten, and the pair only leave their hibernation chambers 500 years later.

Finding themselves in a ruined world with an idiotic and simple society of humans, the two attempt to travel back in time. However, they are caught. When Joe’s IQ is found to be the highest on the planet, he is tasked with solving all the problems of the world in the snap of a finger. In the end, both of them decide to stay in the future but also find out that there was no way to go back anyway.

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Tenet is another of Nolan’s films involving time and tie travel. The concept is quite complicated to explain in words here. The cast is a splendid set of actors that include Josh Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and Kenneth Branagh. The movie is based on artifacts and algorithms that can invert the entropy of the Earth itself. The Protagonist, along with his aides, must prevent this.

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