Ori And The Blind Forest

Having hundreds still left to try out, these two are the most fascinating ones yet.

Indie games had been winning our hearts since the old-good days of Cave Story. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the first modern Indie game ever made.

We saw many hits and flops such as Super Meat Boy, Faster Than Light, Hotline Miami and of course Limbo in the Indie-game industry. In a couple of years, Indie game developers took really big turnovers with their concepts and gave these games a completely different taste.

Today, let us take a look at two of the most fascinating indie games ever made. There are hundreds in the list but for this article, we thought to pick out these 2 first.


Many of you are already familiar with Limbo. The dark, terrifying and successful indie game with amazing critic scores. The indie studio called ‘Playdead‘ has captured the gaming screen once again with its new psychological-horror and survival title ‘Inside’. Inside is Playdead’s another 2D Puzzle-Platformer, with almost the same atmospheric gameplay as of Limbo. It successfully bagged a score of 10/10 from IGN, 4.5 from over 50 reviews at Metacritic and an overwhelmingly positive response from the gaming community.

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Inside showcases, the power of indie games, their developers’ level of creativity; and now these type of games are slightly capable to compete with some Triple-A titles as well. The game starts the same way as we started Limbo. No clue where the protagonist is, what are the controls and where to go. The game is a mystery just from its beginning. Gradually as you proceed further in the game, you will be challenged with strategic and incredibly well-designed puzzles that will make you scratch your head for sure.

Let us not spoil the game for PC users as the game is not out for it yet. I don’t know what I was thinking but I feel like that it’s a good thing that the indie developers don’t need to act like puppets. They don’t need to feed greedy publishes nor they require a publisher approval. The best thing to do is to get your game on Steam Greenlight. If the game is liked by the masses, you shall get your game greenlit for sure.

Overall the game is fun, pleasant, charming, creative, fairly challenging, terrific and most importantly it’s not a long game at all. At least, you can finish the game in only 3 hours. Inside is definitely the first choice to dive start into indie games right now.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Released way back in April 2015, Moon Studios really did create a masterpiece. Ori and the Blind Forest has won 7 awards and has 12 nominations in its bag. The first few minutes of the game are quite…. gorgeous. The cutscenes and the narration at the beginning of the game really win the show. The colours dazzle, the detailing is uncanny, revealing the true power if Unity Engine. The continuous dose of its emotional upheaval that flows throughout the game & the challenging gameplay will leave your jaw wide-open (lower-jaw of course) that later follows to ‘Oh!’ and ‘Wow!’.

One of the many things we loved about Ori and the Blind Forest was the lovely musical score. It was so well implemented that in many emotional segments of the game, it ended up being just as crucial to the atmosphere as what was screened. The composer – Gareth Coker is really worth the appreciation for his elegant job.

The characters are totally varied and creative throughout the game. You play as ‘Ori’, a tiny cat-like creature exploring the Blind Forest with a tiny circular energy ball ‘Sein’ trying to fix the cataclysmic event that withered the forest and its food supply, that made Naru (the parent creature that adopted Ori) die.

The puzzles of the game are the real forces, that slaps your face hard & leaves you struggling until you really exercise your lazy brain muscles. It’s like trial & error method, but you will rarely find cursing the game. After failing 50 times non-stop or more, the music here again shows its power, enough to fill you up with encouragements. However, it might take you hours to finish the game. It’s not as short as Inside is. It’s pretty lengthy, but it’s worth it. Patience and interest – that’s what you need. There are very few flaws to pick from and a whole lot of great gaming. A must play indeed!

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