Best reasons to pull for Jing Yuan in Honkai Star Rail version 1.0

With the release of Honkai: Star Rail, fans have been constantly debating over which limited 5-star character to pull for. On that note, many picked Seele for her great damage potential. Others are waiting for Jing Yuan’s banner debut for the second half of Honkai: Star Rail 1.0. He is a Lightning character from the “Erudition” Path boasting an outstanding AoE DPS potential. 

As a Cloud Knight of Xianzhou Luofu, Jing Yuan possesses strong abilities to shift the tide of battle. Moreover, he summons the Lightning Lord to deal one of the strongest follow-up attacks in the game. He has a simple yet powerful character design which renders him a strong unit of the turn-based RPG title

Here are some additional reasons to pull for Jing Yuan in version 1.0 of Honkai: Star Rail.

What are the reasons to pull for Jing Yuan Honkai: Star Rail version 1.0?

Jing Yuan is the upcoming 5-star Lightning DPS in Honkai Star Rail
Jing Yuan is the upcoming 5-star Lightning DPS in Honkai: Star Rail (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Massive AoE damage application 

As mentioned previously, Jing Yuan follows the “Erudition” Path which implies that he specializes in AoE damage. During combat, one can use his Skill and Ultimate to strike down multiple opponents at the same time. Additionally, his Talent summons the Lightning Lord that deals a follow-up attack to a main target and everyone adjacent to it. 

Jing Yuan uses Thunder Lord to deal massive AoE Damage in the game
Jing Yuan uses Thunder Lord to deal massive AoE Damage (Image courtesy of Youtube/BlitzStarRail)

Due to his enormous AoE Lightning application, Jing Yuan can break down shields that are weak to the element with relative ease. His abilities have great multipliers, enabling him to be a great DPS in Honkai: Star Rail.

Good 4-star Light Cones

Jing Yuan has decent 4-star Light Cone options
Jing Yuan has decent 4-star Light Cone options (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Jing Yuan’s signature Light Cone ‘Before Dawn’ is designed to increase his DPS/sub-DPS potential by a mile. However, he also has good 4-star options to amplify his damage output. Here are some notable 4-star gacha Light Cones that will suffice his kit in Honkai: Star Rail

  • The Seriousness of Breakfast: Increases the wearer’s DMG by 12%. For every defeated enemy, the wearer’s ATK increases by 4%, stacking up to 3 times
  • The Birth of the Self: Increases DMG dealt by the wearer’s follow-up attacks by 24%. If the current HP of the target enemy is below 50% of Max HP, increases DMG dealt by follow-up attacks by an extra 24%.
  • Make the World Clamor: The wearer regenerates 20 Energy immediately upon entering battle, and increases Ultimate DMG by 32%.

Keep in mind that you can Superimpose these Light Cones to their maximum level to double out their respective effects.

Good single-target damage


Even though Jing Yuan was designed to be an AoE damage unit, he can also take down single-target enemies. He has the highest base ATK in the game, which helps him to crush down single bosses with relative ease. Moreover, his Thunder Lord can make use of different buffs to nuke down a chunk of any opponent’s HP bar. 

Overall, Jing Yuan’s versatile abilities give him an edge in single-target combat over other AoE units in the game.

Less likely to get power crept 

He will remain meta relevant
Jing Yuan will remain meta relevant (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Honkai: Star Rail is still in its early stage, so most of its present characters are likely to get power crept over time. However, there will be some exceptions throughout the game and Jing Yuan has the potential to be on the list. 

What makes the Cloud Knight irreplaceable are his AoE capabilities and shield-breaking potential. Moreover, some argue that there will be elite enemies in the future that will summon more minions with extra shields somewhat similar to ‘Automaton Beetles.’ Hence, his multi-target abilities will help players to break their barriers in a single strike.

Visuals and animation 

The character is visually stunning in the game
Jing Yuan has an amazing visual in Honkai: Star Rail (Image courtesy of HoYoverse)

Jing Yuan’s first introduction during the campaign has captivated fans with his alluring visuals. Moreover, his design aligns with his role as a Cloud Knight to provide complete immersion for the game’s audiences.

Additionally, his animations look clean and unique to charm players who prefer a character’s design over their strength. His ultimate also summons the Thunder Lord persona which looks magnificent on-screen.

Needless to say, Jing Yuan had a massive fan following during the Closed Beta Testing for most of the above reasons. He brings a lot of value to anyone’s account and can be a solid contender at the beginning of their Honkai: Star Rail journey.

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