ARMYs! Let’s start the day by reliving and revisiting some iconic performances delivered by BTS during the years. If there are any performances that you love that didn’t make it on our list, feel free to share them in the comments below! BTS is known for having performances that would give you goosebumps, especially during live awards shows like Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) and Melon Music Awards (MMA). We prepared the five greatest live performances for you here, and if you want to know what these are, keep on reading. Stay with us!

BTS’ greatest live performances

To be honest, ranking BTS’ performances is the hardest thing to do. If you are not a fan, they always have the best time on stage, and their stages are truly exceptional. Their performances are well-thought-of and could easily be a crowd favorite.

5. Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

To start our list, you wouldn’t want to miss this one. BTS’ guesting on NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts garnered around 51 million views as of this writing. Over two years ago, released on September 21st, 2020, the Tiny Desk (Home) Concert remains one of the greatest live performances of BTS.
  • If you’re wondering why we put the performance when it’s simply just them jamming along to their songs, that’s probably it. We get to appreciate their vocals without all those production work and we see the boys having fun!

  • We can consider this as one of the greatest live performances of BTS because they are the first Kpop act to get invited. Since the pandemic happened, NPR had to compromise to continue the Tiny Desk Concert. They started to release (Home) Concerts where performers get to film in the comfort of their studios or places.
  • BTS sings along with the live band which they admitted would be their first time to do so. The video starts with their first English song, Dynamite. They sang a few hits including Spring Day and Save Me.

4. MAMA 2016 performance

If you’re new to the ARMY fandom, you should definitely see this gem. This is probably one of the first times I saw the members cry after accepting two awards for that night.
  • Before we step into the MAMA 2016 awards, let’s talk about their performance. There is something about this era that brought out the dark, sexy, and elegant concept in BTS.

  • J-Hope and Jimin drew everyone in with their dance moves at the start, especially the blindfolded Jimin dancing. This becomes an iconic performance with just the mention of the blindfold, for real. Seriously, this is definitely worth the watch!
  • The dancers’ intro followed by Blood, Sweat, and Tears had fans gasping. It was mindblowing and up until now, it still gives me goosebumps when I watch this performance. Also, they won Best Dance Performance Male Group and Artist of the Year awards which made them cry during the speech.

3. ON at MAMA 2020

When we say that their stages are exceptional, we really meant that. BTS always gives their best and is always all-out when performing on-stage and for the ARMYs. Their MAMA 2020 performance isn’t an exception. Whether their fans are in the crowd to hype them up or not, BTS make sure to give it their all when performing.

  • Aside from taking home most of the huge awards that night, they left no crumbs and just ate the stage — oh, I meant the Seoul World Cup Stadium — up. Yes, they closed the stadium to perform the remix version of their song ON. They also performed Dynamite with some Michael Jackson vibes.

  • The intense dance showoff in the middle of the stadium’s field was truly a sight to see. It’s not every day that we’ll see a group, BTS even, perform in an empty stadium with ON being played, plus the cheerleaders and a marching band. Who’s doing it like them?
  • Oh, this warmed our hearts. As they moved to the next song after Dynamite, Suga with a shoulder injury appeared in a hologram and performed Life Goes On to complete the group. BTS will always be seven, and they just proved that to everyone during their MAMA 2020 performance.

2. MMA 2018 performance

Another great iconic performance from the seven-member group is their performance at the Melon Music Awards back in 2018. So far, this is their greatest performance in any of the Korean award shows they’ve attended, and I think ARMYs would agree.

  • The first reason, they used Korean instruments played live during their performance. You may think that this is pre-recorded, but nope, they did this in front of the live audience. Peek at the music changed when the traditional Korean instruments started playing for the group.

  • Then the 3J (J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook) took the stage to a more traditional level, as they performed different Korean dances on stage. J-Hope started with a Samgo-Mu drum dance with 14 performers alongside him. Even in a fitted space, J-Hope danced his way through it. On the other hand, Jimin led the traditional fan dance called Buchae. See how elegant and flowy Jimin’s moves are. Lastly, Jungkook did the traditional mask dance. You may want to look at his facial expression while he performs, just great.
  • The outfits and their energy would be the last things we’ll mention about this. Their outfits are inspired by the traditional Korean hanbok. And we know that the ARMYs’ energy was such a huge factor in this iconic performance. Everyone in the venue just enjoyed their performance, because who wouldn’t? BTS in MMA 2018, you will always be famous, and one of BTS’ greatest live performances of all time.

1. Grammys 2022 Heist performance

Any ARMY and Money Heist or 007 fans here? If you are, we guess you have enjoyed their Grammy Awards 2022 performance. No doubt that BTS can easily pull off any concepts in their stages, and surely they miss performing in crowds.

  • The audience at the Grammys was swept off their feet by the heist-themed performance of the seven-member Kpop sensation. They look ready for an all-out heist with their black suits, and their mega-hit song, Butter. The smoothest entrance goes to Jungkook hanging down from the ceiling.
BTS' greatest live performances GRAMMYS
Photo Courtesy of Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images via Pitchfork
  • Let’s not forget the hacker Jin on stage, and V whispering to Olivia Rodrigo in the audience. On stage, they danced through lasers, just some James Bond things to do, and they have done it really well. Dodging laser lights while dancing? Yep, they definitely did that in front of the Grammy audience.

  • They continued to dance to Butter along with dancers from The Lab Studios. This is BTS’ second nomination in the Grammys in the category of Best Pop Duo/Group Performance while making Dynamite their first. Additionally, before the Grammy Awards began, J-Hope tested positive for COVID-19 a month earlier, while Jungkook tested positive for COVID-19 the last week before the Grammys. Thankfully, Jungkook fully recovered, making ARMYs relieved. OT7 forever!

That’s our five BTS’ greatest live performances, ARMYs! What’s yours?

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