Carmelo Anthony VS Nikola Jokic: Which no.15 will the Denver Nuggets retire?

Carmelo Anthony VS Nikola Jokic

The Denver Nuggets, a storied franchise in the NBA, has been home to numerous talented players who have left a lasting impact on the team’s history. Two such players who donned the prestigious number 15 jersey, Carmelo Anthony and Nikola Jokic, have become household names in the basketball world. As the Nuggets consider retiring a jersey to honor one of these remarkable athletes, a compelling debate emerges: Carmelo Anthony or Nikola Jokic – who will be forever enshrined in the rafters of the Ball Arena? Both players have left an indelible mark on the franchise, but the question remains: Which no. 15 will the Denver Nuggets choose to immortalize for future generations?

When everything is said and done, which no.15 will be hung in the rafters? Will it be Anthony or Jokic?

Two of the best players we’ve seen who happened to play for the Denver Nuggets also happened to wear the same number. Since Carmelo Anthony’s announcement regarding his retirement, NBA fans have been wondering which jersey will the Nuggets retire in the future.

Carmelo Anthony was drafted third overall in the 2003 NBA draft and immediately made a statement as one of the league’s best at that time. More than a decade later, the Nuggets found another hidden gem by taking Nikola Jokic with their 41st pick in 2014. Below is a comparison between the two athletes’ achievements and their impact in Denver.

Carmelo Anthony Nikola Jokic
10x NBA All-Star 5x NBA All-Star
2x All-NBA First Team 3x All-NBA First Team
4x All-NBA Second Team 2x All-NBA Second Team
2004 All-Rookie First Team 2016 All-Rookie First Team
2013 Scoring Champion 2x NBA MVP
NBA 75th Anniversary Team 1x Western Conference Finals MVP
3x Olympic Gold Medalist ABA League MVP
1x Olympic Bronze Medalist 1x Olympic Silver Medalist
2003 NCAA Champion 3x Serbian Player of the Year

As we can see, Nikola Jokic has already achieved more than Carmelo Anthony

Jokic is still 28 years old and has a long way to go. At this point, the two-time MVP is already a better player than Anthony. With the Serbian star big man leading the Nuggets to their first-ever Finals appearance, it’s safe to say that Jokic also had a better stint with the Nuggets. We wouldn’t be surprised if Denver gives this honor to Jokic.

Even the fans would say so. In a poll on Twitter made by Clem (@TheClemReport), more than 59% believe that Jokic’s no.15 should be retired by the Nuggets. This means many believe Melo’s jersey does not deserve to be up there in the rafters.

While people may think that, we can’t deny how great Denver Nuggets Melo was. He peaked in Denver and brought them to the playoffs every year. In 2009, Carmelo Anthony even brought them to the Conference Finals. But, sadly, Nikola Jokic has already achieved more than he ever could. And the best part is that Jokic is still young and could do a lot more for Denver in the coming years.

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