Disney Dreamlight Valley A magical adventure multiverse

Grow vegetables with WALL-E, prepare meals with Remy, or relax while fishing with Goofy. It’s much more fun to do things like this with a group of magical pals! Disney Dreamlight Valley is home to its own unique narrative, set of missions, and rewards, complete with both beautiful princesses and evil villains.

Taking inspiration from Disney Infinity and their own take on Animal Crossing, Disney Dreamlight Valley is a unique mash-up. In a nutshell, we’re presented with a laid-back life simulator in which we solve a mystery and hang out with Disney characters!

Dreamlike, but ghostly Dreamlight Valley

Our journey begins with a character that we may alter in several ways, initially based on a set of “Disney canons” and then branching out into our creations. We’ve entered a dark, ominous valley full of thorns.

There, Merlin the magician informs us that with our magic, we can lend a hand in removing the thorns and restore the valley to its former magnificence, bringing back its residents.

Dreamlight Valley Thorns

As we go about our daily routines, we gradually come into contact with a wide variety of Disney characters. From the likes of Mickey Mouse and Uncle Scrooge to the heroes of popular movies like Wall-E and Moana.

Unlocking areas and gathering Dreamlights

The initial area we have access to is a square with a tiny garden. Later on, we’ll unlock more areas, including a beach, the savannah from The Lion King, and the woods from Frozen. Atop it all stands the iconic Disney Castle, from which we may enter different micro landscapes based on a plethora of Disney films.

For the most part, we’ll need Dreamlight, a “magical currency” of sorts, to clear the way through the thorn bushes and into the new locations. You may earn this Dreamlight in a variety of ways, as explained in the menu. For example, you might cultivate a particular quantity of veggies, fish for a certain type of fish, have a conversation with a Disney friend, etc.

Dreamlight Valley Dreamlights

It’ll take some time, but ultimately, the point of the game is to integrate the fundamental mechanics with the rest of the obstacles. The tasks themselves are the most vital. There are two types of quests:

  • The primary quests will advance the plot or story of the game and also increase our abilities.
  • The side quests provide us with treasures or currency.

What happened to Dreamlight Valley?

All this progress certainly has a backstory. After the disappearance of its former ruler, Oblivion has overtaken Dreamlight Valley. Now, it is up to us to restore the region and discover what went wrong.

The good news is that we can play the game at our own speed. If we don’t want to advance just yet, we can even divert our attention to anything else. I must admit that I often found myself spending some time collecting resources and chatting with my Disney friends!

Dreamlight Valley Harvesting

  • After locating the magical tools, we may do tasks such as fishing, digging, planting, and watering the plants.
  • We complete the tasks and missions given to us by the characters based on our proficiency with these abilities. For instance, Goofy may request us to grow and harvest certain fruits, or Mickey asking us to cook a dish.
  • It might be for the sake of a task, but it could also be for the sake of pure exploration. The same is true of the materials we discover, the fish we catch, and the seeds we sow.

Activities like digging or fishing require a lot of energy. If we are too exhausted to continue, we will not be able to get the job done. To rejuvenate our energy, we must either eat or go back to our house.

Dreamlight Valley Gathering Resources

To create novel dishes or items, it will also be essential to go to particular locations and use designated kitchens and workbenches. One of Dreamlight Valley’s many charms is the opportunity to “gather” delicious treats and new pals!

What is a Disney world without friendship?

The bonds of friendship are an integral part of the game’s appeal. Characters like Mickey and Vaiana will start to appear in Dreamlight Valley by achieving certain milestones.

We may interact with them, buy them presents, and do chores. In return for our efforts, they will become more friendly, which will bring us material benefits such as currency, new garments, decorative items, etc. Furthermore, we may enlist their assistance in fishing and harvesting by inviting them along on our adventures!

Dreamlight Valley Fishing

Sims-like this game is familiar

We have a home that we can upgrade and expand via financial investment. However, these are lofty goals that will need sizeable savings over time.

Disney and developer Gameloft has, thankfully, not given in (too much) to the allure of microtransactions. However, real money for virtual currency is possible only for cosmetics. Therefore, our success will depend totally on us.

Look, a shiny!

Dreamlight Valley is expertly crafted to provide us with constant “micro rewards,” or little but satisfying achievements, which in turn motivates us to keep exploring the world and unlocking its secrets.

  • A seed or a few pennies, for instance, can be uncovered by digging in virtually any setting.
  • In addition, you’ll be surrounded by sparkles and pathways, which will make you feel like a magician just for finding such a plain old plot of ground!
  • You may also have fun by posing for pictures alongside well-known characters, both good and bad.

Dreamlight Valley Selfie

Keep an eye out for articles that explain the game’s premise and learn to appreciate the game’s subtleties—like the “fireworks” that emerge if we cook near Remi de Ratatouille, for example.

The very spirit of Disney animation

Very thorough work went into the technical section. Fantastic 3D models showcase each character’s most recognizable movements, from Goofy’s slouching walk to Merlin’s “ye-ye” jumping.

Despite its relatively small size, the settings reveal a great deal of information; they include dynamic weather effects and reflect the time of day. Therefore, if you play at dusk, the sky above Dreamlight Valley will likewise be tinged with red.

Disney’s version of Animal Crossing?

While both games are fun, Animal Crossing is strictly a single-player adventure while Disney Dreamlight Valley is open to multiplayer in the very near future. The number of special occasions in Animal Crossing is likewise limited. Many people will be compelled to visit Dreamlight Valley because of its excellent visual quality and, of course, its variety of hidden Disney secrets.

This leads us to our next question: who is the target market for this game? To put it simply, it’s for gamers who want to take it easy without having to keep track of the time or worry about dying. For others, it will make Dreamlight Valley seem too “bland” or boring, but if you’ve always wanted to go fishing with Goofy or experience the wonder of Frozen, now’s your chance!

We’d like to express our gratitude to Gameloft and The Amplifier Group for giving us a Steam key to access the game for this review.

Have you played Disney Dreamlight Valley? What do you think of the game? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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