Video Games - Negative Effects
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The learning attitude of students can be affected by numerous factors and it may lead to both positive and negative consequences. One of the main influencers is playing video games. They are of great popularity since 1990th and the demand in video games increases merely every day. Therefore, it’s not surprising that so many college students are actively engaged in gaming.

The main question concerning this particular issue is as follows – Are video games good or bad? Perhaps generalization is too much in this case. Essay writers from AdvancedWriters suggest revealing pure facts and thus, you’ll be able to draw the conclusions for yourself independently. There are several positive consequences, which are registered by some studies. 

Here are the positive aspects:

  • Improvement of cognitive functions.
  • Enhancement of eye and hand coordination.
  • Quick thinking and solving problems.
  • Greater accuracy.
  • Improvement of mood (sometimes).

It must be said that these benefits aren’t stable and don’t always appear. In the long run, there develop a lot of negative outcomes and some of them are really hazardous. We’ll discuss them here below.


Multiple studies were focused on the link between gaming and aggressiveness. There are many complaints from parents and friends that some students became more aggressive after they started to play video games. Those games are full of violence, are about war, sex, taking drugs, and something of the kind.

There is any firm proof that playing violent games makes people more aggressive. Nonetheless, the scholars claim that they may be one of the triggers to provoke aggressiveness. Some scenarios of games may convince gamers that it’s the right way of social behavior. Therefore, it’s better to stay away from such kinds of games.


Another matter of concern is related to addiction. Many scholars already qualify gaming as a disease similar to drug-taking or alcoholism. College students seem to even sleep with their gadgets. You can see youngsters using their technical devices in the street, at home, in a café and even on the campus.

Health Problems

Continuous gaming leads to the occurrence of different health deviations, which may have more serious consequences later. For example, gamers become lazier and don’t move actively. They have to sit in one place to play their favorite games. Therefore, they become physically weak. Besides, they consume unhealthy food. As they don’t move, they don’t burn fats. This leads to problems with digestion and serious types of obesity, which develop life-threatening outcomes.

Additionally, students suffer from constant pains in their back, neck, hands, and wrists. Their eyes suffer as well. They risk becoming fully blind.

It should be also said that students suffer from mental deviations as well. Amongst them are:

  • Emotional disorder,
  • Declines in memory,
  • Somatic complaints,
  • Difficulty interaction with other people,
  • Irritability, etc.

Attention Disorder

Another mental problem is associated with the students’ attention. This vital cognitive function gets violated. Young people become overly excited and active. They find it difficult to focus on something for a long time. Consequently, they have huge problems with learning their academic disciplines and writing assignments.

Bad Habits

Video games may also provoke the appearance of some negative habits. One research conducted by Escobar-Chaves and Anderson in 2008 has proved this statement. Many students begin to drink alcohol in excess. The others start to smoke and consume tons of unhealthy food. These habits inevitably lead to different kinds of health complications, which are more dangerous.

Poor Academic Performance

We have kept the last negative outcome for the final section. It is related to academic performance, which is very poor. We have done so to underline the previous negative outcomes and show where they lead to. Addiction, a constant distraction from learning, behavioral deviations, mood sways, problems with physical conditions and bad habits inevitably lead to a sufficient decrease in the learning abilities of students. They don’t pay enough time to study well. The others may not have the health to do that.

As a result, students barely reach at least some moderate grades. Mostly, they are low and disappointing. One survey showed that 47% of active online players receive very poor grades. 23% of light gamers performed better.

It seems to rather prefer CustomWritings than playing video games. This and similar academic writing platforms offer the assistance of expert writers who can teach students how to manage different assignments. They do it quickly and according to the rules. In the meanwhile, video games how a fewer number of positive benefits.

Parents and their children must be alert and think rationally. The number of hours spent playing games should be limited to a reasonable schedule. One should balance video games and studying. Besides, it’s vital to control the type of games escaping violence, war, and sex. Only some developing and educational games can really help students to improve their grades and skills.


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