DotA 2: Top 5 Mid Laners in 7.31b

The Mid Lane in DotA 2 is probably the most crucial of all lanes. It is the center attraction of the game, and whoever controls the mid will probably control the outcome of the game. In DotA’s latest patch (7.31b), let’s take a look at the top 5 best Mid Lane heroes you can pick for an almost sure victory:

  • Sniper
  • Huskar
  • Pugna
  • Void Spirit
  • Hoodwink



DotA 2 Sniper
Photo Courtesy of DotA 2

The Dwarven Marksman has always been a good option for the mid-lane, especially for lower brackets. He’s easy to play and is strong in the lane.

Picking Sniper in the latest patch can be game over for the opposing team (unless he’s a noob or he throws the game).

His weakness is that he’s an easy target for gankers since he has no escape abilities. But, if you know how to position yourself during team fights, you wouldn’t have that kind of problem.

Tip: Using Mask of Madness after activating the “Headshot” skill is a deadly combination. After activating the skill, Sniper is provided a 100.0% Headshot chance for 3 seconds.

Winrate: 52.25%



DotA 2 Huskar
Photo Courtesy of DotA 2

If you want to easily gain MMR as a mid-laner, we suggest picking the sacred warrior, Huskar. This hero has the second-highest winning rate in all of DotA 2 heroes.

Back in the day, Huskar was an extremely scary matchup for Mages and Magic heroes, but in 7.31b, he gained a huge buff with his additional magic resistance in “Berserker’s Blood”.

Suggested Item/s: Heaven’s Halberd, Armlet of Mordiggian, Phase Boots, Satanic, Sange, and Yasha

Winrate: 54.8%

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DotA 2 Pugna
Photo Courtesy of DotA 2

This hero received a huge buff in 7.31b when Pugna’s Nether Ward now has an aura that reduces the enemies’ spell damage by up to 25% (at level 4).

Pugna is surely an overpowered hero as it can inflict huge damage as well as limit the opponent’s magical damage, creating a huge advantage in team fights.

Suggested Item/s: Null Talisman, Aghanim’s Scepter/Shard, Aether Lens, Boots of Travel, Kaya, Black King Bar

Winrate: 50.95%



DotA 2 Void Spirit
Photo Courtesy of DotA 2

The 4th Spirit Hero is a very complex and difficult hero to use. It’s true that he is very effective in Mid and can be annoying most of the time. Professional players who loved using this hero were Topson and Abed.

Overall, Void Spirit is a great hero for solo fights which makes him great in mid-lane. He can go in and out in clashes easily, and he has crazy skills you can make combinations with.

Suggested Item/s: Ethereal Blade, Null Talisman, Boots of Travel, Aghanim’s Scepter/Shard

Winrate: 49.57%



Photo Courtesy of DotA 2

Hoodwink is an agility hero who prides itself in the expertise of the crossbow. This hero is not as great as the likes of Sniper, Drow Ranger, or Luna, but it is very unique and mobile.

Tip: It wouldn’t be wise to be aggressive when playing Hoodwink in Mid. The perfect strategy for this kind of hero is to get gold and a level advantage over your opponent instead of harassing and forgetting creep scores. As much as possible, stay on the high ground since Hoodwink is a very weak defensive hero.

Suggested Item/s: Ethereal Blade, Octarine Core, Aghanim’s Scepter, Desolator, Manta Style, 

Winrate: 50.38%

Honorable Mentions:

Techies, Drow Ranger, Necrophos – I personally love these heroes, and picking them is almost easy MMR. Techies is an annoying presence (with his new skills), Drow is a broken marksman (you should definitely try it), and Necrophos, well, he’s like Death himself, absolute annihilation.

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