Elden Ring: All Classes, Starting Stats + Tier List

The long-awaited Elden Ring has arrived, and we’ve got all the details you need to know about which class you should take. Our goal for today is to go through each class, starting stats, and more!

For Beginners Vagabond, Astrologer, Samurai, Hero, Warrior
For Experienced Players Confessor, Bandit, Prophet
Looking for a Challenge Prisoner, Wretch

Vagabond: Best Starting Class for Beginners

It is the most defensive class in Elden Ring. He is an expert in close-combat fighting and has a high HP, making this class more durable compared to others. For new players, this is a good starting point, according to the game’s creators.

Vigor 15 Dexterity 13
Mind 10 Intelligence 9
Endurance 11 Faith 9
Strength 14 Arcane 7

The Vagabond is a good place to start if you’re new to Elden Ring. It is possible to equip heavy armor to defend yourself from bosses and other adversaries alike. This class is ideal for learning the fundamentals of combat, such as blocking and parrying.

If you want to use solely melee weapons rather than ranged weapons like arrows or magic powers, then this is the ideal class for you. This gives you the freedom to try out various weapons while simultaneously improving your Dexterity and Strength.

Astrologer: Best Range Class

This is a class that focuses on magic. It has a vast variety of spells that can do a wide range of damage. Keep in mind that astrologers have no close combat abilities.

Vigor 9 Dexterity 12
Mind 15 Intelligence 16
Endurance 9 Faith 7
Strength 8 Arcane 9

When it comes to Elden Ring’s ranged attack classes, Astrologer is arguably the best bet. Having a wide variety of magic spells at your disposal makes the Astrologer a true wizard in the Elden Ring universe. Its sole drawback is that you must constantly monitor your FP bar and prepare your abilities to deal with your opponents.

Samurai: Hybrid Close & Long-Ranged Class

In addition to being able to wield heavy weapons, this class is also adept at climbing, making it extremely versatile. Using two-handed katana strikes, you may quickly and effectively counter an opponent’s offensives. This class also specializes in long-range weapons.

Vigor 12 Dexterity 15
Mind 11 Intelligence 9
Endurance 13 Faith 8
Strength 12 Arcane 8

The Samurai class has both close-range weaponry and long-range bows and arrows. With the longbow, you may deplete an opponent’s health bar from a distance and then quickly close in to finish them off with your Katana. You may always count on your Dex stats to deal additional damage as one of Elden Ring’s finest melee classes.

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Strength is the primary distinguishing feature of this class. However, due to his lack of dexterity, he can only employ a restricted number of weapons at the beginning of the game. This Elden Ring class is less focused on magical talents than the others.

Vigor 14 Dexterity 9
Mind 9 Intelligence 7
Endurance 12 Faith 8
Strength 16 Arcane 11


As the name suggests, this class focuses on long-range weaponry, stealth, and ambushes. As a result, this class has a high chance of hitting a critical strike. It is your ability to parry and “sneak” attacks that will determine how well you do in the game.

Vigor 10 Dexterity 13
Mind 11 Intelligence 9
Endurance 10 Faith 8
Strength 9 Arcane 14


This is a melee-focused class with the highest level of proficiency. With two scimitars at his disposal, he’ll be able to unleash devastating double assaults. If we grant him a few points of Faith, he will be capable to do some basic incantations.

Vigor 11 Dexterity 16
Mind 12 Intelligence 10
Endurance 11 Faith 8
Strength 10 Arcane 9
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It is the epitome of Elden Ring’s hybrid class because it excels in both physical and magic combat. At first glance, this class doesn’t appear to be extremely powerful, but its actual potential will be exposed after you acquire the game’s most powerful skills.

Vigor 11 Dexterity 14
Mind 12 Intelligence 14
Endurance 11 Faith 6
Strength 11 Arcane 9


A nimble warrior who can handle any kind of melee weapon in combat. He’s not very proficient at magic, but we can learn a few basic spells by increasing his Faith.

Vigor 10 Dexterity 12
Mind 13 Intelligence 9
Endurance 10 Faith 14
Strength 12 Arcane 9

Because of their high attributes and their ability to cast an emergency healing spell, the Confessors are an ideal choice for beginners too. It is a great supplement to healing potions which are very limited, to begin with.


It is a type of class that is entirely open-ended, allowing you to customize it to your needs. Experienced players who want a more challenging Elden Ring class should definitely consider taking this one.

Vigor 10 Dexterity 10
Mind 10 Intelligence 10
Endurance 10 Faith 10
Strength 10 Arcane 10


Like an Astrologer, but more tailored to Faith rather than Intelligence. Prophets are elemental mages who have mastered the art of manipulating fire and other natural forces. In terms of close combat skills, he’s a little more adept than the Astrologer. Furthermore, he is capable of casting healing spells and other beneficial effects.

Vigor 10 Dexterity 10
Mind 14 Intelligence 7
Endurance 8 Faith 16
Strength 11 Arcane 10
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