Fortnite Update v21.40 Server downtime + Dragon Ball Z collab

Fortnite fans are hyped for this latest collab with Dragon Ball Z but we still have to wait for a few hours before it will be released after Update v21.40. In this article, we will then discuss all possible skins, gliders, and other included stuff in this collab. Enjoy!

Initially, in 2017, Epic Games released Fortnite, a well-known online game that can be played on a number of platforms. Battle Royale, Creativity, and Save the World are a few of the game’s modes. They are all entertaining and well-liked by gamers. You then must build structures and scavenge for weapons if you want to win the game.

It has been official that the crossover between the two Dragon Ball Z series will begin on August 16, 2022.

Fortnite Update v21.40 Server downtime – STATUS 🙁

Server downtime starts now! Please be patient and let’s all wait for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z collab. We are as well excited about this. DBZ brings back fun good old memories.

FORTNITE X Dragon Ball Z – What we know so far

Fortnite developer Epic has been working with many distinct features in recent years in its never-ending drive to become the most popular game in the world. Naruto, a hugely popular anime, has previously been a crossover, but it appears that Dragon Ball Z will now take its place.

  • Technically speaking, Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to Dragon Ball Z, yet everyone still refers to it as Dragon Ball Z.

  • For those who are unaware, many consider Dragon Ball Z to be the anime, the series that actually helped anime establish a following in the west after Dragon Ball before it may have laid the foundation.
  • Initially, in Dragon Ball Z, certain unwelcome invaders to Earth—invaders who never actually leave—follow the Saiyan Goku and his comrades. Although it receives criticism for having too much filler, DBZ is famous for its epic battles, grand scope, and iconic personalities. But it hasn’t stopped it from being well-known all across the world.

Loading Screen Image

  • Firstly, the loading screen shown below was already made public to tease the collaboration.

Possible Characters

  • According to this leak, the first Dragon Ball skins that will be available in the game are Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus.

Glider Skins

  • One of the upcoming Glider skin would be the Attack pods from Dragon Ball Z, Shenron plus the original Flying Nimbus. You can watch the trailer here.

Fusion Dance

  • Fusion Dance will also be available for Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collaboration as confirmed by reputable leakers.


  • A famous leaker @HYPEX also expresses his excitement as well and posted about a potential 7 weeks challenge. These challenges will then direct you to a Dragon Ball or you will receive a dragon ball as a reward that you must collect.
  • As we all know, completion of these balls will then give you a chance to wish for something from the almighty dragon Shenron.

The Fortnite x Dragon Ball will have Punch Cards along with 7 weeks challenges. Via: (@HYPEX)
byu/Vexiune inFortniteLeaks

Dragon Ball Z – Skin Price

  • Skin prices are yet to be clear but rest assured that they would have the same fees during every latest release.

Kamehameha will be included with the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collab

  • Other reports suggest that when the collab debuts, Fortnite might get a new Mythic weapon. The inclusion of a Kamehameha weapon in the game’s files, as noted by MidaRado, may indicate that the attack can be used in the battle royale.
  • As per famous leaker Shiina, it will be added as part of the Dragon Ball collaboration. You can also watch the full trailer above and witness that the Sayans were casting it on the clip.

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